Boston Durkin puts words in God’s mouth for Boston is resurrected.

Damn, I thought he made each and every one of us special.
I hope that’s true for your sake, Boston.
Sounds like something Henry Adkins would say. 😂
Are you sure about that, Boston?
I swear none of these ass clowns can spell.
What is “spiritual stuff”? I’m pretty sure it’s “put on the full armor of God” and not “suit up”.
That sure hasn’t been my experience.
The word of Boston hides behind this mask.

Tim Ryan and Kirsten Ryan: The Past and the Present

Before Kirsten met Tim Ryan
Tim and Kirsten meet
Tim and Kirsten dating
Tim and Kirsten are married.
Where did these bruises come from? What say you, Tim?
The marriage moves forward.
Specifically at me.
The marriage continues
Post divorce
Kirsten Ryan post divorce
Kirsten today!
Brandon Novak and Tim Ryan
Tim Ryan today with wife #3.

Marriage to a narcissist who is physically, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically abusive can cause deep wounds as well as PTSD.

Kirsten Ryan continues her journey of recovery today and so beautifully. BRAVO KIRSTEN!!!