The Truth About CHANDA LYNN

When someone isn’t in their right mind. Open links below.

Chanda Lynn’s former employers:

Chanda Lynn body brokered for Brian Mylett.

Brian Mylett/Reliance and White Oak Run

Chanda Lynn body brokered for Warren Boyd.

WARREN BOYD – Whitney Houston’s Body Guard and Addiction interventionist is facing wrongful death trial in Pasadena,CA Courts. – Leaving AA

Warren Boyd/Wavelengths
Chanda lied to her fans and followers for 4 years about being an alcoholic.

Chanda Lynn has no higher education, she holds no degrees, has zero qualifications, and no legitimate certifications.

Over these four years she has claimed to have DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder with two personalities), Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Depression with Suicidal Ideation, and debilitating Anxiety.

Chanda Lynn is a liar, a manipulator, a deceiver, and a con who is paid big bucks to put vulnerable human beings’ heads into the beds of filthy treatment centers.

She is a dangerous menace to the Social Media Recovery Community and any Recovery Community on the ground.


May her gaslighted fans and followers have awakenings sooner than later.

RICH WALTERS: Have you seen these comments?

See link below

Rich Walters and Rocky Meadows
Rich Walters, Shay Walters, Rocky Meadows, and Michael Laxton
Will you take a look at this line-up?!

Rich Walters, Michael Laxton, and Rocky Meadows. Is that Cody Delgado and Richie Webber? 😱 I’m pretty sure this wasn’t dining-in at a fast food joint. I wonder if Rich was wearing his Gucci’s.

Evan Amarni and Eric Moore: Footprints of Serenity and See Purpose Treatment Center. You decide.

And so it begins.
“One of our centers”?! So, you “refer them out to other interventionists that you know do good work and are reputable.“?! Would those interventionists be part of or work with your Footprints of Serenity Company?
Is this also true for the interventionists working for Footprints of Serenity?
Ashton Abernathy jumped into the thread to “like” Evan Armani’s comments.
Danielle Garfield also jumped into the thread to “like” Evan Armani’s comments.