Are you saying that the “other group” is responsible for YOU being in FB lock-up? You have “outed” many people including myself. That “other group” has NEVER interfered with any active ongoing investigations and that is a FACT.

Regarding the post below Jennifer’s comment:

I personally know the “former marketer”, Nicole Wamsley Brantner, and she is telling the absolute truth. It is a fact that Jennifer “outed” Nicole horribly and inaccurately on her page.

“…she didn’t have anything that rose to that occasion.” THAT IS A LIE. “Low level employer dispute, at best.” THAT IS A LIE. “She bitched out because her cop husband told her to…”. THAT IS A LIE. DERRICK CZERWIN, I’m going to leave you and your bottom feeding gossiper self out of this post. RORY HABEL, please return to that wet slimy rock from whence you crawled out from under.

Nicole Wamsley Brantner once thought my FB page was bullshit. Like so many others she thought I was crazy. Nicole was working in the rogue treatment center industry as a marketer/body broker at the time.

Nicole continued to watch my page as time went on. At some point she thought to herself: ‘This woman just might not be crazy. I’m seeing the very things she talks about occurring at my job.’ Nicole and I began communications via text and telephone. I liked Nicole immediately and our friendship began.

During this same time period Jennifer Turner Barton, Heather Banker, and myself had a 3 way telephone conversation. Both Jennifer and Heather did their level best to convince me that Nicole was “using” me. I was not, even for one moment, dissuaded by the two of them. I knew Nicole and clearly they did not.

Slowly but surely Nicole had an awakening regarding the extensive corruption in the rogue treatment center industry. To say she was devastated would be an understatement. The depths of her anger and pain were truly palpable. I have heard Nicole weep over the phone countless times as the truth smacked her in the face again and again. Her anger and pain went deep…to the very core of her being. She had, in fact, been a victim of the rogue industry. Nicole’s recovery from her experience working in the rogue industry has been slow, but steady.

Jennifer Turner Barton has no clue what Nicole has endured. Jennifer has no clue what Nicole has contributed to cleaning up the rogue industry. It would not be acceptable or appropriate for me to share the details of Nicole’s journey since leaving the rogue industry. Only gall, ego, wanting to be the “‘most important”, and mental instability could be responsible for the lies you tell, Jennifer.

Trust Jennifer Turner Barton or trust me. The choice is yours. Either way I don’t give a flying f***.