Meet Kathy Koenigsdorf’s good friend Taylor Sweat!

It all started with this:


Taylor Sweat comes-a-commenting…

Taylor “sets the record straight”.
Oops, a little deflection: “Does it really matter? I don’t work for any of them.”
Uh oh. Taylor blew it.
He’s a “Wellness and Recovery Specialist” with Eastern Carolina Housing Organization! 🙄 They receive Federal funding from HUD.

Any Lengths and Kathy Koenigsdorf LOVE the Eastern Carolina Housing Organization. Gee, I wonder why?

About Us

“Addiction Treatment Center”? Really?


“Rehabilitation Clinics”? You mean like The Owls Nest and Any Lengths?

Is this what “money on the move” looks like?

Stay tuned. More will be revealed!

Meet the Extended Family: WHEN BODY BROKERS UNITE!

There she is…Bri Jaynes from Breaking Chains joining reknowned body brokers Jonathan Weirich and Myra Meade from Chicago Hope Dealers with Purpose to Passion.
What does that look like to you?
Purpose to Passion and Pain to Purpose are essentially one in the same.
And now the picture becomes even more clear. Bambi Adams, Bri Jaynes, and Dru Hicks.
In comes Max Nijst, Adam Foster/Sober Dad (Rich Walters’ good friend), Brittany Kiselich (Dru Hicks’ fan and friend), Colicchie (Rich Walters’ “partner”), Matty Jablonski, Jonathan Weirich, Tyler Pack, Bri Jaynes, Chase Savage (you’ll find him up Dru Hicks’ ass), Tim Capps Bambi Adam’s, and last but certainly not least Dru Hicks.
And then we have this!

PAY ATTENTION! Don’t miss all the Family Connections. Every last one of them (and many more) are either directly or indirectly connected. The spider web just keeps getting bigger and bigger. This dark web expands across the entire country…hovering like a humongous black cloud filled with vultures waiting for their next vulnerable-victim-meal. #BODYBROKERS/“MARKETERS”. #HUBS. #SUBMARKETERS

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