JAMES SWEASY and the fraudulent “DR.” CALI ESTES

James Sweasy
“Dr.” Cali Estes is a fake and a fraud. She is NOT a doctor. She got her “PhD” for $500.00 on-line from a bullshit “University”. She’s a fake, a fraud, a scammer, and a body broker.
The fake and fraudulent “Dr.” Cali Estes with Marty Norman at Evolve.

Marty Norman is NOT a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional. This “certification” is as worthless as the piece of paper it’s printed on.

The fake and fraudulent “Dr.” Cali Estes.
Here’s looking at you “Dr.” Cali Estes!

Stay far far away from:

Robert Alexander Center

Ken Seeley, Tim Ryan, “Jennifer”, Footprints to Recovery, Serenity House, KSC. A closer look at something stinks.

I’ve never heard of a client in treatment being “mandated” to sign a Release of Information. Have you?

Since when does a treatment center mandate clients to sign a Release of Information on a form that has a pre-established list of where the client’s information can be sent?

Let’s take a look at Ken Seeley’s mandated standard Release of Information forms.

Footprints to Recovery? Serenity House? Tim Ryan?Jennifer? (no last name listed). REALLY?!
502 N Cerritos. Palm Springs, CA 92262 is NOT licensed.