The Body Broker Team
Rich married this couple. What a way to start a marriage.
Rich Walters’ Hope Dealers Live
The Real Rich Walters
A small family reunion

Never forget when Rich worked as a body broker for Reliance, White Oak Run, and Treatment Alternatives.

One of these days he will be held accountable for all the bad things he’s done and gotten away with.

Justin Ponton is but yet another member of the BIG FAMILY!

Experienced Body Broker who now does the dirty at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center along with Michael Sedjo. Rich Walters was seen talking on his cell phone in the parking lot behind Harmony Ridge Recovery Center. A Mercedes with Florida license plates was parked in front of the building.
Former Program Director with Rocky Meadow’s The Lifehouse. (Rocky is tight, tight, tight with yours truly Rich Walters.)
“Business Strategy Professional”. You gotta love these made-up and misleading titles. “National Outreach Coordinator” (fancy and deceptive title for a body broker) with Chris Ferry’s Boca Recovery Center. What a stellar resume.
(Former) “Program Director” at Rocky Meadows’ The Lifehouse…where Rocky is a leader in the world of corruption in Huntington West Virginia. Rocky Meadows was a body broker for Reliance Treatment Center (along with Rich Walters and Chanda Lynn) before Reliance’s and White Oak Run’s owner, Brian Mylett, went down on 35 counts of human trafficking and body brokering in January 2019. I even tried to warn Rich Walters before he took the position with Reliance. All-to-say that Rich Walters knew exactly what he was stepping into.

What is James Sweasy up to?

James Sweasy is on the prowl for Halfway Houses and Sober Livings. He is reaching out to these entities requesting that they send ALL their relapse residents to Robert Alexander Center. A written contract must be signed.


Look who works for the fake and fraudulent “Dr. Cali Estes” with The Addictions Academy where she charges astronomical prices for a worthless piece of paper.

This is what a worthless piece of paper looks like.