Andrew Burki (Johnny Depp) VS Nicole Lucas (Amber Heard)


  1. Isn’t this the guy who owned Life of Purpose, where Lissa worked (named in the complaint)? Then she accused him of SA with his vulnerable wife and concocted a story his wife later recanted?
    Fact- Wife admitted to planting a gun and pressured by the recovery community to make up this story specifically Lissa and Sarah
    Motive (Opinion) -Lissa and Sarah were caught up in fraud and wanted to pin Andrew at Life of Purpose
    Fact -Sarah’s boyfriend Patrick Murphy owns a treatment center and all the clients went there when the centers were shut down, how convenient
    Fact- In the interim Lissa, a one-time employee of Life of Purpose which was purchased by Fulcrum who also purchased Liberation Way

    during that merger BD team decided to dabble in the patient brokering scheme, got busted but Mr. Burki was no longer part of the process.

    I recall Ms. Lissa was sending clients to her buddies and also using her influence with the Delray Police Department, hence this lawsuit. Her one-time boyfriend Richard Casey also a lawyer who sits on the task force committee and listed on the tip line tried to represent her in a claim against Mr. Burki for Slander/libel loss of revenue. (In excess of 2mil) mind you Lissa has zero Level of qualifications to warrant such income, she’s not a doctor, lawyer, executive or expert. Unless you’re an expert body broker?

    I believe this is all public information, you can easily look it up online. Fulcrum, Liberation Way merger, lawsuits, raid, Richard Casey, Lissa Franklin, Life Of Purpose employment, relationship, Sarah Babaa accusations employment lawsuits lost revenue (business development aka brokering), Nicole Lucas, funneling people to a list of unethical treatment centers including disgraced Dr. Ligotti, there’s corruption from the top to bottom from pretending advocates down. Money, money money. Using lawyers to section vulnerable clients, to get kickbacks. Marchman act fraud. And you wanna wonder why it takes so long for places to get shut down! This! Corruption


    1. Trendy Sleuth…thank you very much for your intelligent and knowledgeable comment. Corruption is the order of the day across the land. I am blessed to have a small circle of friends whom I trust implicitly. We’re living in a pretty sad world indeed.


      1. Thank you, ma’am, I would like to address one of your commentators. The LPC Mrs.Owens seems to be misinformed or misguided. I suppose she doesn’t realize the defendant in the cases page 28 shows the brokering and the 2mil dollar demand, pg 7 shows where the antigay slurs text about Ryan Hampton and Recovery Unplugged, entered into evidence by a “recovery advocate” who claimed to be an outreach coordinator and worked on the task force. Come to find out she brokered clients and “cleaned up” her side of the street. Placed people in “safer situations” that better suited her pockets and “a better worse place”. “They’re all bad, but I need health insurance I have thyroid cancer” that’s knowingly committing fraud. The most ironic thing about all this, is one defendant is suing Delray Police Department for Freedom of Speech for not letting her post about her negative racist views on Mr. Floyd against her race-baiting inflammatory post on Social media wants her rights protected and covered while accusing Mr. Burki of having 18 victims but there wasn’t any, never was and won’t remove the post. Delray Police Department said they don’t have 18 girls coming forward. Doesn’t care how she publicly smeared him and tore his family apart. Just shared a broker’s word took it for face value. While he fought his case and continues to fight his case. This is how this case was opened and what it’s about. There’s no SA charge. There never was. This was about a divorce. A failing business and two scorned women who wanted to take their reputations with them without the bad rap that the association of Liberation Way,Fulcrum Merger LOP merger dealings they were part of came with it. It was called self preservation. In a #metoo climate and it went terribly wrong. I suggest a LPC not buy into this bait. The progay folks won’t like another licensed professional against them.


  2. Oh and one last thing, maybe this will help fill in the blanks.

    2018 merger Burki lost all financial control early fall 2018 July/Aug

    On March 25, 2019, Liberation Way, goes down for insurance fraud Fulcrum same equity firm that bought LOP involved in a mega-merger in BH

    4-12-2019 Life of Purpose closes doors, and couldn’t withstand the negative press, that coupled with the scrutiny of fraud going on behind the scenes came to a halt after the LIBWAY arrest. Once LOP’s new owners took over they saw the way LIBWAY was banking and did things and adopted those means and methods. The staff they retained did their bidding, brokering, and trafficking. It came to a halt only after the arrest. They got away with it. They sent all the clients to The Good Life Treatment Center former employee Sarah Babaa’s boyfriend’s place. (false accuser) the plaintiff in a 2m Third-Party Business Development lawsuit.

    coup de grâce Arrested on 2/3/2020 once again recanted statements, can read throughout this lawsuit, where the plaintiff agrees to take a lie detector was denied. Where the accuser felt pressured by the defendant’s main witnesses to say this but also LF and SB stays employed for years. Offers to get others in the field jobs at the same place and “hook-ups” business opportunities from this “supposed” monster.

    2/6/2020 Det. Luca makes the mistake and posting on social media LH fake and false narrative about Mr.Burki and for effect including 18 other people. When this was entirely made up from the start. This is when a badge, power, and influence go wrong. She was already reprimanded and removed from the warm handoff program by the Delray Police Department, she was reprimanded for her Mr. Floyd Post and now she’s gotten her department in this messy lawsuit. There’s a pattern of a dirty cop.

    The investigations of body brokering were NOT DONE BY det LUCA, not LF, they will in no way be influenced by their dirtiness and fraud. There is a whole team of investigators on the task force. LH wasn’t on the task force, she was a citizen contributor. Rest assured, the cases to come and that have happened are solid. Fraud has a heavy paper trail.


    1. My goodness Trendy Sleuth. I do so appreciate your highly candid comments. May I have your permission to post your comments leaving you anonymous, of course. Perhaps you would be open to communicating with me via PM.


  3. Yes, my dear friend feels free to advertise and leave me anonymous your faithful followers are sending me pictures of comments. I don’t use social media platforms.

    For clarity, I used the initials LF & LH for Mrs. Owens as she referenced one of the defendants as LH, I assume she means LF (I do). The full complaint filed, is pretty well self-explanatory, it will be up to the defendant to prove up her side. She made the post. She better produce the 18 other victims.

    The other case LF/LH BETTER BE ABLE TO SHOW HOW YOU’RE WORTH 2mil doing business development aka body brokering. Going door to door, networking with treatment centers on how to get client’s in the door, with zero medical background, zero licensing or credentials. Just a BA and history of addiction. Read for yourself, a self inflated ego


  4. The pastor of that church is always preaching about wolves in the church. How if you’re a wolf, he’s going to take you down. He is always preaching what seems to be a little hints and I can’t help to think it’s about rich and Shay. The energy around them is off-putting. I think everyone feels it. Most are too scared to admit it.

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  5. *Howwwl werewolves of Thunder* God doesn’t like ugly and people been keeping you out of their mouth Richie Boy But you see, what we have here is FACT VS> Fiction… And also hometown corruption ties, umm call me out and send me a letter buddy based on me being able to go and sit down with some of your congregation and flock and see how far they stray also let’s establish a well knoen fact a snitch is too valuable to lock up so when you are turning states evidence to keep your involvement out of and continue to dip in a peanut butter jar come on now. 2+2= 4 and a real opportunity for a chance to buy you a tesla based on the offering plate. So legitimately he is the 700 club online for RECOVERY and they thought that he was a good fit people also thought that the dude from the church that brainwashed all these little girls to be his own sex slaves. sincerely a fellow Crusader of Truth and tired of lies

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  6. Big surprise they were all brokers. And sure the SA case had problems. Liz was a lousy witness, easily led astray and gaslit by .competing interests.

    But the real story here is how burki STILL has the support of major players in the recovery community and 600 likes on his posts. People who say they ” believe women” etc. Anyone who saw his videos or read police reports where he reveals candidly the abuse he routinely put her through has no excuse for ignoring it. He expected anal daily. He had a game called “chokies”. And everyone who worked with him agrees he was a monster. Yet he casually reveals these facts on tape, on paper and the white boy recovery club and their army of bitter, trump loving mother’s of loss rally to his defense and cast the victims aside because the case has technical flaws……we see you Randy Anderson and all the others and we will remember. The appeal will be denied after the lawsuits play out because NJ knows he is guilty and they almost had to let a rapist walk.
    Until the recovery community stops supporting these ass clowns nothing will change.

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    1. I think Burki STILL has been supported by major players in the recovery community, due to the 1 charge and 18 made up, in the lawsuit. All were found innocent. Truth Pharma, you’ve been gaslit. When someone uses their appearance, sexuality, and manipulation to enrich themselves and it backfires ….does not it makes a case. This sounds like it’s coming from someone who may have a personal vendetta against Burki, perhaps someone who wanted to compete, for his spotlight. I have my guesses, but if you look at the first few pages of this lawsuit Burki was very well tied into some well connected powerful people, org’s
      i. Young People in Recovery National Board of Directors.
      ii. Palm Beach County Sober Homes Task Force.
      iii. Bridgeway School Board (Philadelphia’s Recovery High School).
      iv. Delray Beach Police Department Heroin Task Force.
      v. Delray Beach Drug Task Force.
      vi. Multiple Office of National Drug Control Policy Advisory Panels
      Member during both the Obama and Trump administrations (Office of
      the “Drug Tzar” in Washington D.C.)
      vii. SAMHSA Opioid Crisis Leadership Summit.
      viii. The Voices Project Advisory Board Member.
      ix. Mobilize Recovery Advisory Board Member.

      x. The Opioid Spoon Project National Board of Directors.
      c. Andrew’s activism for treatment industry reform was featured in numerous Newspapers,
      News Programs and Investigative Documentaries include but are not limited to:
      i. The New York Times.
      ii. The Wall Street Journal.
      iii. The Philadelphia Inquirer.
      iv. The Sun-Sentinel.
      v. The Palm Beach Post.
      vi. The Huffington Post.
      vii. The Hill.
      viii. Fox News.
      ix. American Greed: Florida Rehab Gone Wild

      which made for a lot of industry jealousy for someone who was trying to crawl their way up the political ladder…aka LF and others. They mentioned several times wanting to run for a seat, at one point. What he and his wife did in their bedroom that was consensual, isn’t for anyone to judge especially, in this community. Filled with different orientations, sex workers, and people who did things during their addiction years I guarantee aren’t exactly politically polished! As far as you bringing up moms of loss or their party affiliation. There are whole advocacy groups that use their platform to target moms of loss and plaster od kids to funnel money through brokering. I promise you, how these parents loss, votes, is the least of your concerns, and being bitter about an industry that killed their children by body brokering, Shame on you for suggesting that’s a bad thing. You sound evil and callous. Are you against body brokering or for it? You’re on the wrong side of the road, buddy. Filthy

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