1. The post about the Opiods At E.R. are from another person posting. It’s says….repost at bottom. But yet all these people are praying Rich is going to be okay?!! I’m confused. Because if so, it’s Not only misleading but it’s Wrong. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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      1. You want to investigate a group of real scammers that have zero credentials and run a temp staffing service and string of level 3 houses in ohio and Michigan? Operation 612 run by Paul and Tilly Fehr. I created thier Facebook page and when I left they had about 11 followers, now it has blown up! I was there for 6 months and worked a full time job and was forced to give my entire paycheck for 6 months to the “ministry”. They have a treasure chest of money and when I was there a few years ago the owners paid them selves each 2k per week and even hired a nanny to take care of thier children. They now pay high profile speakers to fly in for huge money making events. Last summer the had duck dynasty come with fireworks after. In June the have Tim Tebow and his wife flying in for another big money making scam. I could tell you so much more. They kicked me out on the streets with about $240 after completing the program perfectly and refused to write a paper stating i completed it for a judge. I learned the reason is its not a certified program. Their recovery model is literally go to work and ask God to take it away and work a full time job or get kicked out of the program. They got mad when I started asking too many questions and Paul took me on a ride in wich we were screaming at each other for about 2 hours and he told me I was coming against a
        God and I was waging spiritual warfare on the recovery program. I guarantee Paul is a millionaire by now because he has the entire amish community around his finger now because he promises he can heal thier addict kids. The amish are vulnerable and scared and have tons of cash so he can easily accept donations and never report them if he sees fit. He wore a new pair of shoes almost everyday while I was working a full time job along with the other 23 guys in the house and we had to beg for a pair of shoes from goodwill. Insanity…literally capitalism off the misery and desperation of people in active addiction. Operation 612 easy to find online.


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