1. Yes let’s do lol history repeats itself lol its comical coming to your page cuz its the same ole same ole haha how is the social security calls coming along ?? 😘


  1. State beds? I’m intrigued, how this ties into private paid fraud? Please let me know the connection. I’m not understanding the connection, Ms. Carol. Is there some other connection you see with this person that makes you believe they are less deserving of your praise? I see you put super sketch, people on pedestals that are as worthless as gum on a boot heel! Now ma’am I don’t know this Derrik guy, he seems nice enough and unassuming. I just see he’s commenting on ‘ole girls stuff and she must’ve come over & tattletale back to you as your faithful servant, complying with her mastas wishes. Doing your dirty work, since ya can’t with ya restraining order and all. You know once she finds out you’re using her again, she’ll be pitching a hissy fit with a tail on it. Poor girl ain’t stable in her sobriety, and you just out there exploiting her. Shame, shame!


  2. I wish I was high in the saddle lol I wouldn’t be broke thanks for sharing resources carol you have helped least 5 people get signed up for presumptive medicaid i believe and I think they can go to detox I’m not sure they contacted me from seeing your blog about my new day post so I guess I owe you thanks for the shoutout!! 🤣🤣


  3. Oh yes its perfectly working fine not sure what my shunt has to do with anything but its carol we are talking about here who is rude and ruthless smh xoxo carol 😘😘❤


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