RICHIE WEBBER and ADAM FOSTER “Sober Dad” EXPOSED…along with a few of their “family connections”.

Look at the abundance of posts supporting his friend Richie and announces he will soon be meeting up with Richie in WV.

Richie Webber and Mikey KoNcepts


Moving right along. Who else is Adam Foster “Sober Dad” affiliating himself with besides Richie Webber?

Oh my. There’s Andrew Hager. Long-time Body Broker.
Joe Nestor and Colicchie. Long-time Body Brokers.
Shay Dunn Walters, Rich Walters, Michael Laxton, and
Adam Foster (middle) Rich Walters (right)
rkvry wrkz = Michael Sedjo/Harmony Ridge Body Broker
There’s Angel Bryant and High On Hope/Tim Craft/ParkersburgWV

Now let’s take a look at Frontline Recovery:

It is actually 5th Street.


  1. Hi,

    I recently moved to West Virginia and am looking to open a rehab (fully legit). I have noticed that thier is a lot of unethical practices here compared to what I have seen in CA. There are plenty of unethical practices there as well but I knew who they were and to stay away from them. I would like to talk with you by email or what ever. If you are available.


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