I’m going to be honest. These new recent posts referencing me like this hit like sucker punches sometimes. “Toxic, stones to walk away, leveled up…”. You only leveled up in the form of cheek fillers that raise the face or something, I don’t even know or care. In all other aspects, you leveled way way way way down to the bottom of the totem pole.

Generally I have been rallying in about 60 seconds. Thank you for this, my dear friend Anita. Thank you for making that comment above.

And “Once you see the narcissist as pathetic, you are FREE”. And that is what I see so therefore I am free. This post is beyond pathetic. The only reason I am the only “wife” viewed this way is bc I filed three orders of protection and won each of them and stood up to him as often as I could when I wasn’t beaten down. He’s correct, that kind of stand up spirit is toxic to them. To narcissists. Toxic to their disgusting ego. So I guess in that regard I am toxic.

I am not fragile like a flower, I am fragile like a bomb.

And “stones to walk away”??? My God, I hope Kenzie never sees that. Even if any of this were true, which it isn’t, not only did you walk away, you went all the way to a California. 4 days after meeting your disgusting plastic evil incarnate equal. Yes, you are with your equal, as you have recently posted. That is the 1000% truth. You, my pathetic, sick, mentally ill, abusive in every way, spiritually bankrupt and just plain effing repulsive narcissistic sociopath are definitely NOT my equal. Because I am stronger than you, I am beyond loving and compassionate, I am in love with life and I am always looking for more ways to evolve and be even healthier and I pour pour pour strength and affirmations and confidence and healthy ways to thrive in this life into “our” daughter. I do everything in my power to reverse any sickness she absorbs by being around you and your fake IDGAF quoting “wife” aka property.

So yeah, you sure had some stones. “Stones” to literally abandon your child at 3 1/2 years old after coming home from your final affair, not even knowing this plastic fake shell of a woman and flying out for good to the other side of the country with not even a backward glance to Kenzie’s beautiful precious face and soul. And the posts you make incessantly of how blessed you are with your supermodel hashtags and pictures of her a** from 15 years ago are utterly revolting. Ironically, you used to proclaim to the world just as often how blessed you were that God gave you a second chance to be a good father when Kenzie was born bc you had already wrecked every relationship with each of your other kids. Well, Mr. Jeykell and Hyde, we all knew you wouldn’t be a man because you aren’t capable of it. We all knew that was just for show. ALL of your posts are just for show.

We all know that whatever you post in your incessant posts is where your “heart” lies. And your posts are just embarrassing. It’s like Groundhog Day with you or stagnant waters of the Dead Sea…I can literally see you doing what I used to see you do “What should I post for today? Honey, give me some lines for a good post”. And now there is basically choice A, B or C…..A) let’s say I am blessed again and post up my wife’s ass from 15 years ago, let’s plagiarize some stupid quote I found in some stupid book that I claim means something to me (since I certainly don’t give ideas anymore) or C) let’s promote some old “has been that never was” picture of me or my wife doing something that we think looks pretty cool and might get us some attention.

So therefore, we all know that all you have in you is a womanizer defunct mind who is power, fame and ego hungry and a scared little child who is never going to grow up or find real agape unconditional equal beautiful love because you are too sick and evil. That is the truth, Timothy Michael Ryan.

You are the toxic one. You are a nothing. You do not exist except in your own distorted mind.

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