Dr. Faried Banimahd and Nicole Ploudre: Something Stinks

“I’m happy to answer ANY questions you may have.” “Are you looking for TREATMENT for yourself or a loved one?” What are her qualifications? NONE!
Oh come on, Dr. B. This is complete and utter bullshit. What are the requirements to be an “expert” on your team? Kindly explain, Dr. B, exactly what DOES a “Treatment Center Lead Handling Expert” do? Nicole Ploudre assuredly detracts from your presumed professionalism.




Nicole Ploudre at work for Dr. B on Social Media.
Not very impressive.
Seriously Dr. B? You’re beginning to look like a profiteer.
Check out those “skills”.


    1. If nothing else I find it to be highly disturbing that Dr. B is clearly using and exploiting Nicole who is someone in dire need of help. Looks like Dr. B is but yet another profiteer sorely lacking in compassion and more concerned with his bank account.


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