1. My guess is Mr Greg truly doesn’t see that his above comment is not much more than self incriminating worthless drivel. Apparently he misses how name calling exposes his nature, not someone else’s. And perhaps that’s why he has gravitated towards the rogue addxn tx industry in the first place? Perhaps that’s part of the nature of the problem as it’s no coincidence Greg found himself here.
    Self preservation may explain why he, not unlike the rogue addxn tx industry itself, would want to be absolved blindly of all accountability and to just continue on profiteering. Maybe that’s more the angers source? Idk I don’t want ti give too much credit but Hey Greg, maybe stop opining on this one? Maybe start objectively looking at what you’re apparently involved in & why? After all, the rogue addxn treatment industry could has made possible the 100,306 purported overdose deaths this country saw last year. And here you are seemingly believing in your “good work?” The truth is, we’ve all failed. Seems rather egregious not to mention any of the epic failure that is the “addiction treatment industry.”
    Of course there’s a harmful emptiness to your post. Which of course is not exactly shocking given that he industry in which you’re employed. I’m just suggesting maybe there’s a connection btwn it & not mentioning 100,306 deaths in a single year as an abstract failure. Because truth, which Greg’s comment magnificently misses, is that we have all failed. Maybe singing yourself praises while attacking truly represents all that’s wrong here & is why he employs so many caveats?
    I’m pretty sure it’s not premeditation, as it’s unguarded enough to eliminate that possibility. Just a sad emotional response. Again not shocking, the attraction to the rogue addiction treatment industry seems automatic almost . It’s just the perfect fit for such blindness.
    It’s ironic in a way, given the origins of The name Greg, or perhaps Gregorios -from the Greek verb gregorien, meaning “be sober minded, be watchful, vigilant.” Throwing caution to the wind, discretion from valor, Greg opines on himself by calling someone else a jackass. Oh the dipshit-ery it must take to miss that forest for the trees.

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    1. Dear dolorfinis,
      I am delighted to see you again! Thank you, as always, for your impeccable comment. As you might know, my appreciation runneth over. I am taking the liberty to take your comment as support for my efforts. The rogue treatment center industry is frighteningly flooded with psychopaths. At times I believe I am quite literally risking my life doing the work I do. Regardless, I shall carry on. With abundant respect and gratitude for you. ❤️


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