1. What does it look like when the most perfect person in the world calls people out for not being perfect! How do you know Dru hasn’t apologized to any one person that has been hurt by his actions? He’s apologized to God. He’s apologized to me. Why does Dru have to apologize in your time. Maybe he will apologize when he is ready. His life doesn’t work on you schedule. He doesn’t owe you anything! I truly believe you owe him a apology for the rape allegation you’ve made. That’s a very substantial allegation that you lack 1 fact. But thank you for saying that. I apologize that your life has come to this point where you have so much hate in your heart that you make instantiated claims against people. If a person bas relapsed based on someone else’s actions, I’m sorry that’s on them. I can’t and will never be responsible for someone else’s actions. I am responsible for my actions. You should try it Carol! I’m sorry, you are perfect so you have no reason to be responsible for the same lies you write about others. But I’m glad you do. See Dru or some others may not have the means to hold you accountable for telling lies about others, but I do and you are almost making it easy. Maybe it’s you that needs to have a better relationship with God! It may help the hate you have in your heart and it may help the people you try to bully for the same thing you accuse Dru of. Trying to get followers for your little cult here.


    1. You do know that was written by one of his victims, yes? Did he tell you he was recently canceled by a podcast for the very reasons I have exposed him for? He apologized to YOU? Did he sexually prey on you, too?! I find your comments to be little more than vaguely amusing.


  2. I’m just here to say I know he hasn’t apologized besides for a half assed public stunt apology whenever others started coming forward with information about what he had done, one of those women being myself. I reached out to him for help to get my ex husband into rehab. I then was desperate to get him help and he mostly blew that off and said “what kind of insurance does he have” and when I said none he said “when he gets out of jail we can discuss it. I then confided in him the abuse my husband had put me through and blamed it on his drug use and was desperate to not be in the situation I was in. And asked for help again. I ended up putting my ex husband in jail for the abuse and within a few days he messaged me and said “if you decide to ditch him let me know” and started trying to have an online friendship with me built trust etc. When I finally had decided I was done with being abused I of course told him. He then went on to say all these things about how beautiful I was how I deserved the world etc. (I take blame in jumping into something so quickly after a separation on myself as well as i am fully aware of how your judgement can be clouded) he made so many promises talked about a house he was building and how it would be done being built around my birthday and how he was going to have me and my daughter over for a get together for my birthday. Tried to buy me all sorts or things and had even offered to when his house was done take things to the next level and have us move in so we weren’t homeless staying place to place after the separation since my ex had drained my account. *as you know he did not have a house built. It was a lie to build trust and paint a picture that he truly cared about me and had even said things about love and wanting me to be in the front row of all of his public speeches and wanted me to be his girl etc. He would even say “I made such and such post just for you” when he would post about love and treating people right and being a good man to a good woman and loving a woman right. When he finally found time to see me in person he pressured me into having sex “oh I really want to take this to the next level I am so glad to be here with you right now please please etc” im homeless pregnant and I have this man pretending to be love me and making all these promises of loving me and my kids taking care of me and my kids and I fell for it (yup my fault in a way sure. I said yes. You’re right after some pushing and after a mountain of lies which is morally so wrong. Guess what after that after he quit talking to me all together. Like he did countless other women he would say “im so so sorry babe I’m just so busy im just so busy I miss you and I can’t wait to see you again. Then it turned into nothing but “oh I loved being inside of you I can’t wait to do it again” and that wasn’t all I wanted and he made it very much seem that wasn’t all he wanted. I literally was vulnerable and he took advantage of that. You can call it what you want. You can say I am hateful or spiteful or jealous, I’m not. My life is great my kids and I are great im not out here cheating on my significant other with countless people im not hateful at all. But the truth needs to be out there and it needs to be called what it is. One day I’ll post the whole story I still have every message. I even had conversations with my mom about how absolutely wonderful he was and my mom was excited I was talking to someone “so successful” when really he just lives in a normal trailer full of normal things and posts a whole fake life and tried to make up a whole fake life that he wanted to spend with me (while being engaged to Erin and doing the same thing he did to me to countless other women. Yes everyone’s choices are their own but DRU MADE CHOICES ON HIS OWN TOO. And its like it doesn’t matter what he’s done or how he’s hurt others bc “oh its their choice how they dealt with the pain” which is true, but also very dismissive of how much he damaged so many people. Like I’ve said if my sharing part of my story like I have helps others have the courage to share theirs then im going to do so. Bc by definition lying to someone to get them to sleep with you is sex by coercion and deceptions which is in FACT rape. Have a good day mister pastor. ♡ may God bless you and your sexual preditor prodigy.


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