1. Please tell me what facility, Safe Haven, Epiphany Resources, Incite Talks or any of the “12” or so companies, that I ran from 2013 to 2019 were “raided”, “had complaints filed with FARR” “complaints with DCF” and/or had complaints with whomever or at whatever ham-handed, slanderous, salacious and felonious bullshit you want your readers to glean about my facility. Ever. Not some craziness you sensationalize. My resume which you’ve chosen to make selections from —- please prove one untrue statement on it — I’ll wait. The advertisement on The Fix — which you’ve again selectively chosen pertinent information to publish and was not written in-house by our marketing team, please attempt, if possible, to explain what part of that FARR accredited facility was “raided” “had a single incidence overdose within its walls” “had ANY COMPLAINTS AT ALL” filed against it. Ever. I’ll wait. Please do the same for Epiphany Resources…. The fountainhead, I am sure, of all your misguided and seemingly youthful angst. Then tell me what you think of treatment centers and associated facilities with a capacity for 120 plus beds and housing and helping 70+ clients via scholarship. Unheard of. Right? Except the months I did that in the treatment center that I ran and that I paid for out of my own pocket including and much to my own financial detriment, salaries and overhead and expenses for these clients. Don’t entice your readers with fuckery when there are much better things you could be doing with your life, jackass. Go help some people, go do some things that help make the sober community a better place to live. Go be productive. You are truly barking up the wrong fucking tree over here. I don’t take kindly to your weak attempt to besmirch my reputation as a genuinely helpful person in this community. But, do you. I think you’ll find very little here to hold your readers interest very long future, National Inquirer Reporter. Not because I’m not interesting, but because if they’ve come for a show the only one they’ll get is you showing your ass and who wants to see that? Not me. Keep it movin’… nothing to see here.

    Gregory D. Goyins


        1. I’m sure. My life will end because some nobody at the ass end of the internet finally realizes that she’s horribly ill equipped in a battle of wits. What will I ever do? I’ll roar. Like a Lion’s Roar. HAHAHAHA. Stop purring, pussy. You’re disrupting the others trying to do good work in the community. Present some facts. Anyone can type bullshit. What a fucking joke you are. Didn’t they teach you how do proper vetted research at Columbia? What a waste of an ivy league scholarship. Pick up a big book. Go share the message of hope, faith, and courage. Stop bashing people doing good work. Get your fucking life together. Go be productive. Stop wasting people’s time. Use your real name stop hiding in the fucking shadows. At the same shit I’ll say on here, I’d say in your fucking face. PS. I don’t have to be the bigger man. I don’t have to eat shit sandwiches from the likes of you either. Give me a platform and I”l expose you for who you are. This blog is bullshit. You’re bullshit. Go fuck yourself and the high horse you rode in on. You suck. They’re all laughing at you, you fucking clown. Is that deep enough a fuck you hole? I’m done.

          (Mic drops).


        2. As a matter of fact, I did do some research as a Biocybernautic Consultant with The Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute at UCSF….BEFORE I went to Columbia University.
          Did you call me a “pussy”? Oh my. It would give me immense pleasure to be face to face with you, and I’d look you straight in the eye.
          “‘Hiding in the shadows”? I think not. You are welcome to join me on my FB page @Carol Terwilliger. You are also warmly welcomed to post on my timeline and comment, if you so desire.
          You might be surprised by who watches my page and Website.


        3. Well thanks so much for the clarification there, Melissa. My resume was brought up if you haven’t been keeping up with the times as being a part of some jack-legged, smear campaign of blog post regarding facilities raided…. or did i misread or misinterpret the first looney tunes post? Why ask a question of a director, if you already know the answer? I guess. Hmmm… didn’t have so much as an overdose in any one of my six halfway houses in six years. There I’ve said it again. Uh Oh… better go get some more research done. Didn’t say there were no relapses in my house. That would be as crazy as these threads are. Of course, we could go to the definition of what a relapse is as opposed to the act of continued use with a brief period of non-substance use but let’s not get all medically technical and say “Yes, people were in my halfway house and some people chose to use drugs and alcohol after being shown another way.” If that be the whole problem with why I am absolutely irate “without justifiable cause” so be it. I didn’t realize that that had to be so clear on my part.

          But back to other bullshit. Yes, Carol, I did call you a pussy. Now I’ve said it more than once. Gutless wench. Heartless. Wasting good and valuable lifetime in an endeavor that substitutes gossip and bullshit with good and honest hard work. Evenyou research is flawed. Flawed,I said. With fault. Great job with the cybernetic hoocha-nanny degree. My question centered on proper vetted research and empirical evidence is that now clear? Can you present some? Or shall we dance around the parlour with more of your sycophants who have no idea about working with others but insist on splitting cunt hairs of description and standing on nothing other than a keyboard and well meaning sentence structure. You have my fucking resume. You now looked at my LinkdIn my fucking question remains. what in it is un-fucking true.

          What do you think? What do you know? What can you prove? The three basic questions allowing one to draw accurate and not fallacious conclusions. The basis all of research – scientific and non-scientific – begins by answering fully these three very basic questions. In your Phillip K. Dick robot thesis paper, you must have had to address these three points unless qual exams are slacking over there in Harlem. But again. I ask one last tidem before you two bitches bore me to tears. PROOF. PLEASE PRESENT SOME.


  2. Gregory,
    Announcing you’ve never had a FARR accreditation pulled or a raid isn’t a flex. These are occurrences that shouldn’t happen anywhere. Your words are as amusing as they are telling. I’m curious what research was done that you believe to be inaccurate? Are you saying you didn’t have multiple businesses, with multiple agents? I’m also curious if this is how you reacted to your upper level management when they accused your company of insurance fraud?
    What about families of individuals who resided in your sober livings? Is this how you would react to them if they came forward with a complaint? Lastly, I’m concerned with your statement on overdose. #1 overdose doesn’t necessarily equate to death. #2 relapse isn’t something to be ashamed of either. Unfortunately, it happens even in the best of facilities. To advertise zero overdoses in 6 years is an indication of either over exaggeration or under-reporting.


  3. Gregory,
    I’ve been keeping up quite well, thank you. Yes, indeed your LinkedIn bio was brought up. I’m incredibly confused what you mean by your resume being brought up with facilities raided though. What facilities are you speaking about? You’re not being very clear on what you believe to be inaccurate. So, I must ask, what do you believe the allegations are here or what is being implied? What consists of properly vetted research to you? Perhaps I can help you with that research and proof you’re so insistent on seeing. To be quite honest, the hope was that you would eventually ask to see more. That you would twist your own words and provide explanations to questions not asked or implications not made. I would have to say that nothing in your LinkedIn bio seems to be untrue. Not the information on scholarships, lab connections, chiropractic services, medical marketing, real-estate holdings, multiple buisness entities, multiple agents, or expanded territory into other states. It’s all right there. Thank you for that confirmation. It’s been incredibly helpful.

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  4. Well, thanks Melissa. That seems to set my mind at ease, knowing that I am not a “lying, corrupt POS”….

    So lets go back to the original article…. shall we? Which as about Denise Cetrulo… but mentions me….

    “When asked if she was familiar with any of the facilities RAIDED, she mentions that she worked for RISF. Yet here we see that she is a director of Safe Haven Properties of the Palm Beaches…”

    Though not explicitly stated, Dear Melissa, the fallacious reasoning that Ms Intergrity would have one draw is that Safe Haven of the Palm Beaches is one of the facilities that has or had been “raided” in the past, else why present the halfway house system to scrutiny. A halfway house that has been helpful in the community without incident complaint or report. Why allow her readers to fall of the fallacies of reasoning and why should I stand idly by and allow such a community resource to be attacked. Even though it has been closed for quite some time now. Why should I take such an attack on my life’s endeavor lying down. So i asked her, Ms Integrity to provide proof that it had been raided. Since this was the initial ask of Ms. Cetrulo who rightly ignored this fuckery to begin with. The fact of the matter is that it has not been raided nor has it been a part of any public or private controversy, its main purpose was to help those who were afflicted, as should be every champion in this disorder. I wont stand by and have something that a team whom i love and respect as family be smeared by one’s who present no proof and haven’t spent a day on the frontlines with me. Does that mean that I am above constructive criticism? No. Does it portray me as spiritually or morally perfect? Also fucking no. Does it mean I am going to let the likes of Integrity50 or anyone else use inference, hearsay or conjecture to present an argument that besmirches, tarnishes or otherwise blackens the reputation I have built in this community also fuck no. I dont have to watch my language or calm down because I am told to. when surrounded by jackasses, assholes and idiots my natural tendency is to start fighting back. I will not stand for it neither will I take it laying down sam I am. And that’s just her first fuck up when it comes to me.

    Next should we talk about the Safe Haven Properties listing with our NPI number listed. Hmm…. Didn’t write it. Not from our old website. Where’d ya get it, Ms. Integrity and how has it been a problem? We had an NPI number at Safe Haven for years. We never claimed to be a treatment center and weren’t listed as a treatment center by FARR or seen as one by our clients. We didn’t accept insurance offered no treatment like services and were a cash pay halfway house charged weekly. So in your little fucking research trip please ask how many people stayed at Safe Haven rent free and for how long and who paid for it and oh, how strong a bond was in the house between its residents and how comfortable were it living accommodations…. please ask that fucking shit while you’re out here building some fucking ridiculous case of my shit being raided or under fucking investigation. I say Keep digging Idiot50.

    Go pick up a fucking big book and help some people who are suffering from this disease or shut the fuck up about it. but either way keep my fucking name out yer mouth.

    Thank you, I’ll be here all week.


    1. Gregory,
      Perhaps you missed the point entirely. Denise Cetrulo originally stated that she didn’t previously work in substance use treatment. She only mentioned her experience as a CNA. In fact, she missed mentioning the years employed with you entirely. Although, she did mention being employed by a GI doctor for a significant amount of time. When asked if she she was familiar with any of the facilities raided, she then suddenly remembered RISF (a substance use treatment facility). You see, the issue isn’t the fact that she worked for a raided facility. The issue, is that she lied and/or omitted information when directly asked. That is suspicious behavior and it warrants further research. Research which resulted in multiple buisness entities in her name, your own name, as well as others being found. Interestingly, there seems to be a connection to you and the GI doctor she briefly mentions as well. It truly does vaise one to ask why she go to such lengths to avoid talking about that 6+ year period of time?

      Now, about that NPI number, why are you acting like that isn’t easily searchable information? The NPI number for Safe Haven Properties of Palm Beach County LLC was 1326459959, correct? It’s taxonomy code was 324500000X, right? Which is (in fact) the precise code for a Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facility. Furthermore, why would FARR (Florida Association of Recovery Residences) list anyone as a treatment facility? Please correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s a sober home certification / accreditation entity, is it not? Treatment facilities require licensure and would be listed on the appropriate site for such.

      It’s also really interesting you mention one should ask previous residents of their accommodations or how many were able to stay for free. It’s rather presumptuous of you to assume one wouldn’t have direct information regarding that specific matter. Perhaps, it’s you that should do your research.

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  5. Research that states what I had an NPI as a halfway house? That she ran a female halfway house? That we were FARR accredited? This, Spurlock Holmes, is what you two idiots come up with? That’s subterfuge, that’s decietful, that’s worth an anime fucking thrash rock video post as a victory, you two fucking clowns. Ya should have posted the Price is Right loser’s horn. You stated raided facilities right? And then the fuck you two boobs posted Safe Haven a facility clearly not raided. Not ever in fact this is the first time any jackass has tried to smear. The good name of Safe Haven sorta gone under the radar our entire time in existence. We closed our doors geniuses years ago, fucking Christopher Columbia. Yet here we are discussing out NPI number and our taxonomy and all that good juicy shit right? Without asking what the fuck an NPI number would be used for by a halfway house? And what we used it the fuck for? Ya ass. Maybe that s a better question than pulling some random shit off the internet and thinking someone should feel incriminated because you two bozos found a magnifying glass and a bowler hat inside a fucking cracker jack box last week and decided it was fucking Dick Tracy Day. So listen, Mumbles till ya got the goods on me and tricky facility, I ain’t copping to shit, see. Have a good day at the circus, ya clowns. BTW. Love the shoes.


    1. That was a really interesting form of deflection, avoidance and name calling. Which resulted in a strange admission of “I ain’t copping to shit, see”


      1. You two are the best Christmas gift a guy like me could ever want. It just keeps on giving, Deflection? Don’t use big words you’re unfamiliar with. What was deflected exactly? you accused me earlier of insurance fraud. no proof. no charges. i let it go. i joke about you two Nancy Drew Wanna Bees having the “goods on some criminal” and you two jackasses are so green you miss the comedy. Then I ask you two asses why do you think i would apply for an NPI and you know so little about what the fuck the fucking identifier is for that you blow through that start going apeshit in your own apartments and start throwing fucking coffee cups across the room at each other at 10pm.

        this conversation is stupid now and unlike you two I got a lot of much better shit I could be doing than screwing around with a bunch of stupid broads on the internet. So havaround in e a good night, Happy holidays and all that. Remeber Jesus loves you even if don’t and keep the snooping around in other people’s lives to a minimum. I would say dull roar but that’d be redundant. Meow, kitties. Meow. Meow.


  6. I’ve asked more than a handful of reasonable questions. I also provided some answers and explanations. You have not answered anything asked of you. Rather, you asked more questions. You also focused on less relevant pieces of information. Like, the NPI number, for example. It’s textbook behavior on your part. At first, I found it amusing. Now, it’s become tiresome. Your true nature has shown through. Again, thank you for the insight. It’s been extremely helpful. Goodnight

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