1. Dear Mikey,
    I am going to straight call you out dude, you know damn well about these clowns you have for years and as for the gaslighting nice try when you were talking to B-Rain and I was standing right there next to you at the rally in Frederick when you were talking how you would not have even attended had you known that there would be so little opportunity for exposure and also merchandising so you want to say some more and as for them saying baltimore is a shit show for the drugs and stuff why don’t you team up with the REAL LEADERS in the AREA instead of the out of towners…. #RENEGADE and p.s where were you when we asked if you wanted to be part of the recovery things in the area thats right you busy living it up….. :O Not impressed and if you got shot at its probably because people don’t like random douchebags coming in pretending like they care for media exposure when its christmas time……

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    1. Thank you very much, Mandersrenegade, for your candid comment. Mr. KoNcept’s behaviors certainly suggest that his motives are less than pure. Leaves me wondering what exactly it is that puts him in those circles. One does not hang-out with criminals for nothing.


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