Another look at Rich and Shay Walters

1. “…today I am 7 years sober.” That’s a lie.

2. “…today she’s 6 years sober.” That’s a lie.

3. “…we have over a million followers.” They want to impress you while they deceive you. Christopher Ferry/Boca Recovery Center invested over 100K to boost their numbers. Those numbers were NOT organically grown.

4. Considering they have over a million followers the numbers below are certainly not very impressive.

Rich Walters is a well-known body broker with an extensive history.

Brian Mylett owned Reliance Treatment Center (WPB Florida) and White Oak Run (Waverly West Virginia). Rich Walters body brokered for Brian Mylett.
Rich Walters with Bryan Mylett (far right) at White Oak Run (Waverly West Virginia)

Rich Walters body brokered for Treatment Alternatives. (see link above)

Rich Walters and Shay Dunn Walters body brokered for Christopher Ferry at Boca Recovery Center
Christopher Ferry
Rich Walters with Christopher Ferry
Meet Christopher Ferry’s grandfather (above)

I am of the opinion that Rich Walters has essentially taken over Parkersburg West Virginia with multiple recovery related businesses. May law enforcement and the alphabet boys step up their game in the very near future. An arrest is long overdue.

The work of a body broker.
Rich Walters
The life of a body broker.


  1. Word is Walters was fired from his job he had in Florida recently. He was a patient recruiter. That’s all that was stated by a client of his.

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    1. Any idea which Treatment Center in Florida? West Palm Beach Treatment Center, perhaps? Probably wasn’t getting enough heads in beds. That’s why he was fired from Boca Recovery Center. He’s taken over Parkersburg and parts of WV. That man has gotten away with every bad thing he’s ever done. He’s up to his eyeballs in corruption near and far.


  2. Rich Walters is Overrated. A legend in his own mind. Don’t believe it, ask him. I believe they call it Grandiose thinking. Rich & Shay constantly toot their in horns. Honk. Honk. But just cause you have a million likes between the two of them. Does Not mean all those people are really into them. It appears all to be a illusion. Always getting fired……? Hello? Maybe it’s because I have heard elequent speakers, Rich is Not. I don’t see the hype. ” Hey y’all share this out”….rw. 😂😂. If it wasn’t so serious, it’s laughable. 🤭. They appear to be Frauds. 🤠🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

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  3. Your blog is…interesting. Let me just say, I met him once. ONE. TIME. That was all it took. I *knew* he was shady, tried to tell colleagues of mine that. Your blog also makes me think and raises questions. A friend of mine was DETERMINED to get a loved one into treatment…in Florida. For some reason. I don’t know if RW was involved in that, but I intend to find out. The “loved one” in question is EXTRAORDINARILY naive…perfect mark for a predator. Thank you for this food for thought.


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