Dear Richie,

From my observations of you for nearly 5 years it is highly evident that you have not clue one as to what recovery is. You have been using substances throughout your so-called ‘recovery’ including alcohol.

You are a proven prolific and pathological liar. I have witnessed your lies beyond numbers that I could possibly begin to even count.

As you are already aware I am fed-up with you and all of your narcissistic sociopathic behaviors. You’ve been a low life body broker for years for starters.

You are not only a liar, but you are highly manipulative, deceptive, conniving, and egocentric. You are a huge fake and a fraud. Bottom-line? YOU ARE CRIMINAL AND DANGEROUS to any audience you entertain.

Regarding your nationwide Tesla Tour. I call bullshit at every turn. Why have we not seen a photo post of you in your Tesla? After all you never miss an opportunity to display yourself. You’ve displayed your unstable dumb ass all over TikTok and Social Media.

Why haven’t you posted your full Tesla Tour itinerary? Why haven’t you posted the exact locations of where you’ll be with a date and time? Why haven’t you posted any pics or videos of you at any given location? Could it all be smoke and mirrors, lies, and deception? Are you really doing what you say you’re doing? I’m inclined to think not. It’s looking like a sham and a scam bullshit publicity stunt.

You’ve never mentioned who is sponsoring this maniacal bullshit. Why?! All signs point to Amethyst Treatment Center. By all means correct me if I’m wrong, but then please be honest and transparent and tell us who IS behind the scenes sponsoring all of this crap.

I shall not rest until your dangerous and criminal self is off Social Media for good.

I shall close with this last comment: You are a complete and total POS. I’ll bet even Chanda would wholeheartedly agree if she weren’t so afraid of you.

I shall look forward to a response. Carol


  1. Some of these posts are just nasty gossip that makes the person posting it seem a bit bitter, obsessed, angry and jealous. All you care about is embarrassing these people and slandering these people. You’re about as legitimate as the national enquirer. The people that these people are taking advantage of are t the demographic that would ever read this or even know of its existence. Of course these people were at one point terrible humans and many still are and they admit to it. They don’t need to acknowledge your existence because they can say that they were bad people before they recovered and there’s always people who are jealous or wronged in the past. You DO NOT GET IT. If you had any INTEGRITY you would focus on things you can prove and that they can be held liable for. Searching the web all day will get you the same information anyone else can find. You’re not loyal to the ones that have confided in you and you’re childish. Your negativity only separates you further from what you want to prove and I’m having more and more doubt that you are legit because you post things that can be proven false. I hope you can either stay true to the cause you claim or you find peace and focus on living your life. You won’t make any change or better anything doing things the way you are now. My ex used to bad mouth me on Facebook nonstop and I didn’t respond and the person that looked like the crazy person was not me. Think about it. You’re your own worst enemy. I’m certain you’ve lost all credibility and nobody
    Takes any thing on here serious now.


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