Another vulnerable human being victimized by DRU HICKS!

Carol, yes I was a devout follower and so thought friend. I gave him 1800$ to him for what I believed to be for 2 car payments, mortgage and food because he’d been out of work and was afraid of losing his car and housing! He said he didn’t know what he was going to do because of Chloe and Peyton that he led me to believe he was raising them on his own! I started getting leery when he came to my house saying he had to go to court and afraid they were going to put him in jail for not paying any child I got him a job where I work ! He got fired from there! Then a mutual friend messaged me wanting to know if I had been giving him$ I said yes and what I had done and the person told me that he was doing same thing to them! ( a true friend warning me) then Dru came out in video how Erin had never left! Dru was furious that the person who warned me that we were talking! That’s why he plays people against each other so they don’t talk to each other!! I take accountability for giving so freely, I should have personally investigated him myself before hand!! I am 72 years old! I work hard ! If he could do this to me..he’d do it to anyone! I wonder what he’d do if someone did this to his mother!!!!!!!!!

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