1. You can say whatever you want about Geoff Blaylock but one thing you can’t say is he is one of the best in the west! He saved my life! Be saved me from me! After 20 years washing up in centers all over America he was the one that loved me when I couldn’t love myself and he was one of the only people in my life who could reach me. That man loves helping men who WANT to be helped. Yes he can be cocky but he can also back that up. He has what many know nothing if a healthy ego and a centered mind most wouldn’t even understand what that means. He could be doing a lot of other things in his life be he made a vow to GOD to stand on the front line and help people who want it and are willing to take direction!! My name is Christopherher Scott

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  2. I seriously thought this was a scorn broad who started a blog about another man lol. Bro your soft as shit. I wish I still lived out there I’d smack the fuck out of you for being sick a bitch. Chris Scott


  3. I’ll never understand why people drag other peoples name through the mud with no basis of anything. You showed a video, and a small hypocritical statement and that was yo it evidence of “frauds”. It’s odd. You state they don’t have licenses and then in the same sentence acknowledge that Tim has a CADC II. Make up your mind. Either they are licensed or they aren’t. Nonetheless, I feel bad for you that this is how you gain any sense of purpose or gratification. By bringing hard working people who are working in the trenches of this deadly disease down with your own sinking ship of misery. I will pray for you tonight. Anyone who actually reads this nonsense I hope you read this comment, because I actually know them personally, and they led me to where I am today. I am coming up on six years sobriety, I own sober livings, and also work as a therapist in treatment. I would have none of these things without the direction of these men. Don’t get me wrong, I did the work. If you asked them, they wouldn’t want any credit for my success. Listen to what they say in that video. Sure, they are trying to sell their services. That’s any business. But the message is clear and accurate. How addiction is treated in America is backwards. They know this. I have been to countless detoxes and treatment centers with the same bullshit treatment program. It didn’t work for a reason. Because they were treating me as if drugs were my problem. They weren’t. They were my attempt at a solution. They men helped me understand why I constantly went external as a way to self sooth. Without these men I’d be dead. Thank you Tim and Geoff. And the writer of this laughable blog, I feel terribly sorry for you. Bless up


      1. Care to explain? Or do you prefer to leave your vague sentences with no substance. You’re a blogger, you’re doing it wrong.


        1. May I inquire as to where you acquired your education and credentials “to educate others about the disease of addiction, the brain, trauma, and human behavior as a whole”? Not impressed with Beyond Driven either.
          You and your buddies leave much to be desired.


  4. Focus on helping others like they are…

    People who spend time pointing fingers and blaming are the biggest problems our world faces…

    Do you and stay in your lane

    Hope the best for you and your success, make this change quick cause you’re going to need it


  5. I am the one who is qualified to determine who a “fraud” is given my UCLA Law degree and 17 years of experience. Stay in your lane. Geoffrey and Tim provided me with a stellar education to help me get off the booze and cocaine. It takes a lot to impress me and these two men achieved the rare feat of doing just that. I am forever in their debt for what they helped me achieve. I hope you find the help you need to stop being a toxic person.


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