1. ❤ Sending my thoughts and love your way, always know that the storm is always tough but you are not alone sis. My number has not changed and I been thinking about you a lot lately hope all is getting to be a little calmer on the oceanfront please drop a line through the links if you need anything or if you just want a shoulder I got your six always have and I genuinely care about you angel, you are a rare breed but wouldn't trade you in for the world ❤ ❤ Crusaders of Recovery because we are hard CORE right.

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      1. I keep up love you know that among all of this we remain a fam, we do not agree with the way that these things are unveiling and unfortunately it is time to unite and bring it all to an end and we also need to stop bashing other people questioning our sanity this bullying shit with these men and trying to prey on women is a NO FLY ZONE you already know I will be damned.

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  2. You should really do some research on The Oaks. They charge $1600 for 4 months of 12 step peer driven services. They do not accept insurance. I believe in your work but you are way off here dragging them into the mix. The are some of the best people I have ever met and barely make ends meet to keep the program going.

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      1. I am. You can say what you want about them making money in this industry, but they are using their foundations to scholarship people with nothing to the Oaks. Oaks is a lifeline for people with nothing. The for profit work those you mention should not be tied to the Oaks. You are slandering a valuable resource with good intentions. You have done great work…. Take some time to get to know the oaks.

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        1. Apparently you are unaware and uneducated about what goes on behind the scenes with non-profits, treatment centers and fraud, money laundering, body brokering, and more. You are not alone.


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