1. Hey WACK JOB.

    This Lady #CarolTerwilliger is the biggest WACK job.

    Hey dumb ass this picture was from an event over 3 years ago when I worked full time for Transformations Treatment Center.

    I was presenting on addiction in the work place! At that time, Transformations was a member of Carf, NAATP and Jaco.

    So keep spreading your lies. Please seek mental health help. Please let us know why you were arrested too please?

    It is people like this who just love to spread lies .

    What a PATHETIC life you live..

    Keep spreading Lies. Have a blessed day. Please get some mental health help. You need it.


    1. Transformations is nowhere on this slide! I promise it would be the biggest portion of the slide, NOT YOUR FACE! If it doesn’t make sense, it’s a lie. As a subject matter expert, you should know this.

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  2. Tim is as fake as his wife’s body.He left Transformations because he was having an affair and cheating on his wife with Jennifer Gimenez. This guy is the definition of toxic and narcissistic. He claims he’s a doctor of some sort and healing people when he dosent care about anyone but himself and money.I mean he proved that he is a selfish man and is only out for himself when he couldn’t keep his penis in his pants when married to his first wife.As long as Tim is happy right!He did his first wife a favor she deserves so much better.The only thing Facebook verification with the blue badge means is he has social media followers and provided proof of who he is with either his drivers license,tax document or etc.No you don’t need a degree to get this little blue badge but whatever helps his little mans syndrome.He is a closet drinker as well and becomes more ego driven when he is drunk I have seen this myself with my own eyes.

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