1. Rocky meadows was arrested and charged with robbery and murder in 2008. He evidently cooperated and testified against another defendant and murder charge drop https://www.herald-dispatch.com/news/three-arrested-in-motel-homicide/article_4f17708e-1c46-5d60-8b29-959a10b8e8e0.html

    Released around late 2010/early 2011 and within a year had opened the life house and becomes a pastor. So- he also moonlighted with rich Walters doing some marketing in Florida. What a quick turnaround for a convicted felon to leave prison and open up a rehab and get funding/any permits/ grants/employees/ housing and a business module. It’s almost a miracle. Most felons I’ve seen are put on parole or struggle to find employment but what an exception! And also finding god and becoming a pastor! Recently his business recovered a million dollar forgive able loan from the govt. the lifehouse website says rocky went to prison for “drug related” crimes?? I guess robbing and murdering a person could be drug related. Another news article states he went to prison 37 times by age 33. What an amazing turnaround.

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    1. Rocky Meadows and Rich Walters body brokered for Brian Mylett who owned Reliance and White Oak Run. Mylett was indicted and arrested on 35 counts of body brokering. He was recently sentenced to 60 months. See posts on my blog.


    2. I don’t understand how Rich who is only like 7 years sober can have two kids, a wife , a new house and new cars and own a business. Makes absolutely no sense to me. Doesn’t the authority figures look into him ?


      1. Actually he has three kids and I’m not including Shay’s son Tyce. He’s been a body broker for about 6 years now along with his wife. Yes, the “authorities figures” are doing what they do. You’ll see. Be patient.


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