Dru Hicks is a stranger to the TRUTH.

1. Approximately 1.5 years ago I repeatedly exposed Dru Hicks, with evidence, as a sexual predator, on my FB page. As a result he was fired from Boca Recovery Center and Profound Treatment Center*. Soon thereafter he admitted to some slimy behaviors without specifying what they were. He presented his “admission” as something he came to all by himself.

BULLSHIT. The ONLY reason he made an admission of any wrongdoing was as a result of my exposures.

More recently he claims to have made amends regarding his sexual abuse of young women either in active addiction or very new to recovery. HE HAS NOT. Another lie.

2. Sometime after I exposed him as a sexual predator I began to make posts regarding his girlfriend/“fiancé” Erin Anson. In my posts I asked him why he never mentions Erin. I asked him why we never see any pics of her.

Not long thereafter …VOILA! Dru suddenly is not only talking about Erin, but she is appearing on his videos. Coincidence? I think not.

Before we know it Dru gets on one knee in a live video and proposes to Erin. (If you haven’t had the opportunity to see that video you missed some hysterically pathetic entertainment.)

Within a matter of months the narcissistic sexual predator married the flaming co-dependent.

3. Recently I have made several posts regarding the actual number of children Dru has as he frequently boasts about what a wonderful father he is today with his children. He never mentions that he has 6 children.

Lo and behold today Dru comes out with a post and a video regarding his eldest daughter whose 17th birthday is today.


Good morning everyone;) Today is a very special day for a very special young lady! 17 years ago on this day God saw fit to bless me with my first born child! Now I’ll be the first to tell anyone that me and my daughters relationship hasn’t been very good over these years! And that part I have to take ownership of! I was a very broken and sick man when Adashia was born. It’s hard today to even talk about my active addiction when I’m talking about her. It almost seems like justification as to why I was a lousy father to her. Truth be told that’s what I have been when it comes to her. I’ve broken her heart countless times and I’ve allowed the years apart from her to becomes awkward that has even made me stop from pursuing a relationship because of so much hate I knew she felt for me. A few years ago she and I had a huge argument and she told me she never wanted to ever see me again. So I backed off and over the last few years we have had no communication at all. I told myself that I would allow her to come to me if she ever wanted to have a relationship with me. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but I knew I had to validate her feelings in this. I honestly believed she never would speak to me again until last week she reached out and just wanted to talk just me and her no outside influences at all. We talked for awhile and finally came to a decision we both were gonna try again. So I’ll be taking my gorgeous daughter to dinner tomorrow. I don’t know what this is but one thing I do know is that I’m gonna give it everything I have without question! Happy 17th Birthday today baby! I love you so much! God can and will restore everything you just need to believe and receive it by faith! I love you all! You already know…CLEAN AND SOBER THATS WHATS UP!

DRU HICKS, you are a fake and a fraud. You are a manipulator and a deceiver. You are a conman and an abuser. Perhaps most importantly YOU ARE A LIAR! You’ve been lying for 5 years. You continue to lie with every breath you take. DRU HICKS, you are a very dangerous sociopath.



Dru has told his foolish fans and followers for 5 years that he is honest and transparent. He’s been lying from day one and he is still a liar today.

* Former body broker for Boca Recovery Center and Profound. To this day he refuses to share the truth about his experience in the rogue Treatment Center Industry. Gee, I wonder why.


  1. WOW..! Quite intresting to say the least… My jaw is dropped for sure, i dont know what to say other than i will be praying for this entire situation because if this is even 1/2 truth then its an awful mess and will derail people’s recovery… So sad

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