1. It’s 1 thing to make statements & pass judgement on someone that’s harmed you~ but to make such extreme comments about something you obviously know nothing about is pretty crappy in my book! The Recovery Zone was made possible by an extremely passionate & resilient addict who simply wants to give back & help others! Whatever motives a person may have for doing whatever it is they are doing is on them! For you to use this platform to talk down on what she’s doing for OUR community is heartbreaking! They say that “hurt people, hurt people”~ maybe you should think about that before judging someone else! None of us are perfect!!!

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      1. Do you know Jewel Hurn personally??? Because IF you did then you would not talk down on her name or what she is trying to accomplish in our community! She has been a beacon of light, hope, & inspiration to many! It seems to me that you are allowing your personal biases of & the harm that someone else caused you to be very bitter because you OBVIOUSLY don’t know her or her non-profit to be spitting out the things you are! You can use YOUR “platform” to dog out & slander others but how does that make you any better than those who are abusing their power?!? I will definitely take your advice & read up on the issue but maybe you should try working the steps or something because you’re on the same level as the ones your blasting! However~ it’s not my place to judge you or anyone else for that matter! Have a great day 😊

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        1. I deal in truth and facts. Jewel Hurn needs an education about what’s going on in the rogue Treatment Center Industry. Does Jewel know what a body broker is? I wouldn’t think that Jewel, being the upstanding individual that you claim her to be, would want to affiliate herself and/or events with body brokers and sexual predators.


  2. Well did you ever stop to think about maybe messaging her privately to “educate” her instead of just jumping to conclusions based on YOUR feelings??? If TRUTH & FACTS are what you believe in then keep YOUR feelings out of it! I 100% understand what you are saying & I actually agree with you~ I just think you’re causing collateral damage by making accusations against someone you don’t even know! We’re all human & we’re all just trying to find a new way to live so of course there will be mistakes along the way… Jewel Hurn & her non-profit~ Daily Recovery Zone is amazing!

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    1. Jewel is welcome to reach out to me if she so desires. I’ve been doing this service work via my FB page and now my website for 5 years. I do extensive research, investigating, and “homework”.
      None of what I do is based on my “feelings”.
      Perhaps Jewel might learn something from my FB and website.


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