Dru Hicks and Erin Hicks: WE WILL NOT FORGET!

Not just the hands, but the body posturing. I just know that my father would never have done that to my mother. Furthermore, my mother wouldn’t have allowed it. My parents respected one another.
Their daughter covers her mouth because even she knows this is unacceptable and disrespectful. Dru and Erin are examples to their daughter. Look at Dru’s body posturing. So much for standing tall like a real man.
No way in hell would my father have put his head in my lap when I was a teenager.

Dru has no respect whatsoever for Erin and Erin has no respect for herself.

Dru, how can you say that you are a good father when, in fact, you’re a delusional liar?

What say you Victor and Pastor Pat?

Victor. Dru’s sponsor and Best Man
Pastor Pat. Minister officiating at the nuptials.

I am sickened by Dru Hicks and have been for over 4 years. There should be no space for him in the on-line recovery community. He is a despicable abomination to recovery. I refuse to mince words.



  1. Ohh my goodness! I’m shocked and quite disgusted as a follower of Jesus Christ to see such a display of despicable yet proud sin… I’m actually on Drew Hicks friends list on Facebook… I don’t see alot of things … BUT THIS IS SOMETHING THAT I CERTAINLY DO NOT IN ANYWAY FIND HELPFUL IN THE REALM OF RECOVER. SHAME ON HIM.

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    1. There’s likely still a great deal more that you don’t know about Dru. When he shares his story he lies every time. I have exposed those lies in the past…with newspaper articles and arrest records giving proof. He’s a narcissist with an out of control ego. He is hurting far more people than he is helping.


  2. After the display on his wedding reception, with children there! He is one sick pup. Even if there weren’t children. That’s disprespectful. I wouldn’t trust him around children. Js

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