Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Dru Hicks: A Wedding Album

Oops. My bad. Wrong couple. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂
Erin deep in thought with plans for the wedding.
Dru deep in thought reviewing all the choices he’s ever made.
Pastor Pat with his hair down.
Pastor Pat all trimmed up and looking the part. I love the sheer blue cloth blowing in the breeze. Beautiful touch, Erin.
Victor. Dru’s illustrious sponsor. Feeling less than confident that Dru has that sexual predatory behavior under control.
Jay Hicks. Dru’s brother showing us the tooth that sent him reeling in pain when he bit into the wedding cake.
Everyone wore their finest for the special occasion.
They may not be Gucci’s, but there are many pathways to the finest footwear.
No wedding is complete without a few scattered AllStars. Welcome the one and only Myra Meade!
And there’s Myra Meade’s less than better half Jonathan Weirich!
Jonathan Weirich keeps it casual while Myra Meade is a true fashionata.
A few of Dru’s closest friends who unfortunately couldn’t make it to the nuptials.
Straight off the hanger. No time for a last minute pressing? Check out the hemline. Are these pants the same ones that McDonalds requires as part of their uniform? Oh wait a minute. These are high school Marching Band pants.
Best wedding decorations ever. I love how the bow in the decorations matches Dru’s clip-on bow tie. Erin you really outdid yourself, young lady.
That face you make when you realize: “I really f***ed up this time.”
Too late now. When the point of no return becomes a reality.
The Wedding Dinner at a top-notch venue. The finest cuisine in all of Warsaw Indiana. Did Dru pick-up the tab for everyone? I sure do hope Dru had enough for a 20% tip….🤔
Dru looks a little shell-shocked.



  1. Marching band slacks! 🤣 Stoppp! Her decorations? Did she buy that wedding gown off of TammySay? 🤔. Or just copcats?


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