Meet Aaron D. Almeida/Business Development Manager for AMETHYST Treatment Center

Aaron D. Almeida/Business Development Manager/Amethyst Treatment Center

Thank you, Mr. Almeida, for your outstanding work in Business Development for Amethyst Treatment Center.

You have done an exquisite job guiding and directing your #1 All-Star Recovery Advocate/Marketer/Body Broker RICHIE WEBBER. Richie is gifted unlike any other when it comes to outreach and snaring those PPO’s. I would imagine he keeps your beds full throughout the year. You must be exceptionally proud of him and his boundless skill-set….notwithstanding his monumental acting skills.

Here are a few examples of Richie’s unparalleled work. Let’s thank Aaron, for demonstrating his exemplary management skills as evidenced by helping Richie be the man he is today. Please throw up some hearts for Aaron and Richie! ❤️❤️❤️

AMETHYST TREATMENT CENTER, you truly are something else.

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