Looks like The Southern Belle, Leader of the South Carolina Boy Scout Troop, has allowed her boys to run amuck once again.

The following are comments that were made on my Website. The REAL Jennifer Barton did NOT leave these comments and that has been factually verified and confirmed.

And then along comes DollFAce:

The following comment was made by the REAL Jennifer Barton and that has been factually verified and confirmed.

Dear Southern Bell of South Carolina: A storm is brewing. You might want to take shelter. Either that or head NORTH. Don’t forget to bring your boys with you. XO


  1. The REAL Jennifer Barton is a much of a con artist fraud as you are, Carol. She prostituted her daughter out to win a lawsuit to buy a big house for the new hubs. And oh even self admission of plastic surgery, nice. I feel sorry for that daughter of hers. She is as sick and twisted as you. And to say that she does not bully people on social media, that is all she does. OH and scam the government for that disability check every month. They do not even know she won and kept all that money do they? She is as much a gold digger and con artist you are.

    Both of you act like you have any clue of the real bad players in the industry. You clearly don’t. You just both just scam peoples social media. And as for connections? Who cares that she knows Tim Ryan the dirtbag? You cant seem to touch him Carol…or anyone else for that matter. Its just boring old social media crap. Lets see some real evidence from you or the Plastic goldigger that pimped her kid out for cash….

    Go ahead I dare you post this one in your FB thread. Lets see people investigate her for once….surprised you have not already unleashed the internet hounds on her. What do you call them, The Alphabet Boys?

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    1. I’m dying with each and every word you wrote. 😂
      I am curious to know why you would say I’m a “gold digger”. You really are funny.
      You “dare” me? I’ve already given you far too much attention right here.
      I’ll be looking forward to your next brilliant comment.


  2. Hey fake Jennifer Barton, stop hiding behind my name. Let me educate you! The state of California has laws protecting minors (because of childhood actors being robbed by parents) from parents stealing their money.

    Also my daughter was almost 19 when she settled her own case. Not a minor! My husband and I owned 3 houses and consolidated all 3 homes in one. I don’t owe anyone a damn explanation.
    My facial surgery is from a car accident, when I was 14.
    Botox and fillers aren’t plastic surgery and if you’re talking about my mommy makeover at 21 you’re delusional because I had another child 8 years later. Foolish!!!

    I don’t call out anyone that I’m not confident that if sued, I would destroy in discovery. I am not on social security supplemental Income…..PERIODT!

    I spoke to Carol today, and clearly you’re scared of both of us. Stop hiding behind my name, I’m flattered though, I like being me too!! 😘 .

    Why don’t you post from your real account evidence of what you’re talking about. I dare you to check into me! Dig all you want. I’ve been married 3 times, owned 6 homes, have perfect credit and never been sued. cashmeousside😘😘✌🏻

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment Jennifer. I very much enjoyed our lengthy conversation earlier this evening. Once again these marshmallows have demonstrated their cowardliness.


  3. Carol,

    Exactly, they would want nothing more than to discredit people who call them to accountably. If you’re innocent you don’t have to drag kids into the subject, nor go low to someone’s looks. If that’s what you have to do to trash someone, says more about you, than me. I’m hella transparent, ask me and I’ll tell you what you want to know about my life. I built it off of haters hating- it drives me to do better. Fuels my soul! Your blog was sent to me before by authorities asking me, if I knew you. So there’s that. Although we do not have the same methods, obviously people are sweating us. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    1. I’m always so grateful when they show their asses far better than I possibly could. When I see ruffled feathers I see guilt. What could possibly be more fun than to know we pissed off the pussies. 😂


  4. This is Chris Barton,

    It may come to a surprise to the fake Jennifer Barton but as a black man, I’ve worked hard my entire life and had assets along with my wife who also had her own separately. You attacking her is stunning, she’s the most amazing selfless person , I know. I’ve seen her volunteer her time for hours helping others. My wife is the most generous, loving , kind person- I know . You’re basing your opinion off of social media. Amateur

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    1. Carol!!!
      Spot-on 😂😂😂 @chris thank you so much. I appreciate your love. Ultimately these haters are either racist or corrupt, or both. No inbetween- they have no clue about us.

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