1. Carol

    You are one sad, pathetic individual. These people you continue to post on here — some of them are actually helping others and you have made it your mission (you need a hobby like knitting) to post viile stuff about them with ZERO actual proof of any wrongdoing. You just need attention and think this is the way to get it. Sad, actually, at least I research and have actual FACTS.

    I stand by my bully comment. You are a bully and actually think that people care about you and what your opinion (not fact, because I have to see ANY facts) of anything you accused these people of. You just post their photos off Facebook.

    I can not wait to see what hell rains on you….God doesn’t like ugly and Carol you are soo ugly…inside and out clearly. Botox is your friend, look at me, only a few shots a month and I look timeless, you look like a dried prune that needs nothing but attention. And your obsessions’ with posting male gentiles. Pedophile. That is what you are.

    So lets see if God gives you cancer or covid or another heart attack, like Tim Ryan said, we can stand by and just wait…the trash takes itself out. You are sitting by the curb for pick up.

    Jennifer Barton

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  2. Oh too late, we got the screenshots you posted….Just what we needed. You played right into it. The Trash truck is coming for you. Thought you were smarter than us? HAAAAA. You are just an angry old prune that needs attention. Now we will give it you and you will see what it is like to have your face ALLLLLL OVER THE INTERNET. Just sit back and watch our handiwork.

    1,2 Freddys Coming for you.
    3, 4 better lock the door

    Remember that movie Carol? You should watch it…you kind of look like him.


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