BRANDON NOVAK…a quick glimpse.

Oh my! The Owls Nest, too?!
Oh my! The Owls Nest!
Closing another “deal” with Tim Ryan; sealed with a kiss.


Once a Jackass always a Jackass.
Banyon’s big name (lol) body broker, Brandon Novak, does “business” with John Shinholser/The McShin Foundation. Oops, what’s Dan Schneider/The Pharmacist doing there? Dan was interviewed for Richie Webber’s documentary. The “connections” are never ending.

Listen to the podcast (link above) from minute marker 47.0 – 49.0. Learn something new!


  1. Yes, Carol the ENTIRE Recovery Community is connected, except you, you are on the outside and like the misfit that you are, you will never be one of us. WE are one big connected family. Tim Ryan is the connector and he hates you. That REALLY bothers you doesn’t it? The fact that he has stood in my kitchen and helped me to get justice for my daughter, (and this BIG house mind you) bothers you since you live in that trashy house.

    You are jealous of me and Tim Ryan’s relationship. Looks like you are jealous of a lot of people on here. So much so that all you do is post pictures of them off their Facebook accounts. Try doing some real research and see who the real bad players are, then maybe you will have true credibility like me. I have the connections and I get things done while you are positing boring nonsense….the same boring nonsense of the same boring people for years. Most of what you post is just old news. Lets see actually FACTS (newsflash your OPINION isn’t a fact), because you have ZERO evidence.

    I am calling you out for the TURD that you are.

    Jennifer Barton

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