The 12 fears of Richie Webber

1. Imagine the desperation.

2. Chanda took her 390,281K followers with her.

3. Richie is very likely facing charges in the near future.

4. He is in fear of losing his following.

5. He’s in fear of finding a job.

6. He’s in fear that his documentary will be a complete flop…if it even gets to editing.

7. He’s in fear of the law.

8. He is in fear of having no financial resources. (i.e. Looking to buy a car for $2,000.00?!)

9. His bullshit about opening rehabs across the country never was a real possibility and it will definitely not happen now.

10. He lives in fear of my FB page and website.

11. He is afraid of so many people who are speaking up and speaking out with the truth about him.

12. He is afraid that there will be no “comeback” for him.

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