What about Colicchie?

Everything this “gurus” say only make sense to someone loaded to the gills or desperate and scared like someone’s parents.
When you step back and read it again you realize that it’s all just nuts.

I forgot if I ever told you my interaction with Colicchie.
When I first reached out to him it was on my old account where my name was different.
I asked for help for a male friend of mine who had no insurance at all, and I was so worried because my friend was also suicidal and the last thing my friend was telling me was that he was going to drink a bottle of vodka on the beach and walk into the ocean.
Welp, Collichie didn’t care about any of that. He gave me 1- 800 number that was sort of a dead end.
We did end up getting my friend into Phoenix House in Venice, CA – state run facility basically by begging for help.

Then about 3-4 months later I contacted Collichie for myself but this was a different account. As soon as I told him I had active PPO he started contacting me almost every day. Asked for my phone number and called me to talk to me like we have known each other for years. He would tell me about his daughter and what he was doing that day. He would call and ask me about my life. I eventually told him that I was now working with Hunter because Hunter had connections in California and that I wasn’t going to fly to the east coast for sure. That’s when he laid off and didn’t contact me anymore.

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