HEATHER OSBORNE: You can lead a horse to water but…..

When I saw this post on Richie’s page I decided to reach-out to Heather.

I contacted Heather via messenger.

Heather called me and we talked at great length. I told her what body brokering and the Florida Shuffle are. I shared many of my experiences, over the past 4 1/2 years, with detailed information and knowledge that I have gained.
I spoke at length with Heather regarding the body brokers whom she has invited to her event.
Heather stated (regarding the words circled) that those words were not her own and that those were Richie’s words. Furthermore, Richie did not request Heather’s permission to add those words to the personal piece she had, in fact, written. Heather made it abundantly clear that she was not happy with the liberty that Richie had taken. Heather also stated: “Rich Walters also shared this same post on his page.“
We can only hope that one day Heather will see the truth.

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