Meet the Extended Family: WHEN BODY BROKERS UNITE!

There she is…Bri Jaynes from Breaking Chains joining reknowned body brokers Jonathan Weirich and Myra Meade from Chicago Hope Dealers with Purpose to Passion.
What does that look like to you?
Purpose to Passion and Pain to Purpose are essentially one in the same.
And now the picture becomes even more clear. Bambi Adams, Bri Jaynes, and Dru Hicks.
In comes Max Nijst, Adam Foster/Sober Dad (Rich Walters’ good friend), Brittany Kiselich (Dru Hicks’ fan and friend), Colicchie (Rich Walters’ “partner”), Matty Jablonski, Jonathan Weirich, Tyler Pack, Bri Jaynes, Chase Savage (you’ll find him up Dru Hicks’ ass), Tim Capps Bambi Adam’s, and last but certainly not least Dru Hicks.
And then we have this!

PAY ATTENTION! Don’t miss all the Family Connections. Every last one of them (and many more) are either directly or indirectly connected. The spider web just keeps getting bigger and bigger. This dark web expands across the entire country…hovering like a humongous black cloud filled with vultures waiting for their next vulnerable-victim-meal. #BODYBROKERS/“MARKETERS”. #HUBS. #SUBMARKETERS

A comment on this post by “Kevin”:


  1. I find it entertaining that a lot of this information is untrue and false. Dru Hicks and I are no longer friends or a fan and haven’t been for well over a year. I have nor will I ever be associated with a treatment center or body brokering. Get your facts straight. I live a very normal life, free of all of this, I use my experience strength & hope to help other women to achieve sobriety. That is all. I do not know what others do, only myself. Continue to spread hate & false information gets you know where. I will continue to pray for you sister. I am always willing to speak to anyone if you’d ever like to. Please keep me out of your ungodly and very untrue information. I would greatly appreciate it.


        1. LMAO. All that time you had your head up Dru’s ass you could have been following my page. Take a look at the line-up for the event you will be speaking at. Are you really that uneducated and naive?


  2. Thank you for this very ill informed publicity but I’d prefer if you kept my business out of it. If you took a little time to research your information BEFORE publication, you may possibly recognize our cause & the stigmas we are crushing.

    This is seriously not cute.💯


  3. You are a truly sad human being. Your need to demonize others while “roaring” to the rescue would be funny if it weren’t such an obviously naked attempt to be noticed while putting others down.

    Narcissists always convince themselves that they’re the target, or foil of some wild conspiracies, when in all actuality, their lives are empty so they’re forced to make themselves the savior of some phantom foes.

    Your world seems just as lonely as every other narcissist & will always be. That is one of the unfortunate side effects that you’ll never escape…you are going to be stuck living with you forever. We all get to look away & ignore your ignorance & pettiness.

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      1. Sorry honey, but Rich Walters, Dru Hicks, Recovery Gurus are Narsistic. It’s so obvious. Rich says what fits for the day. Then he contradicts what he says.
        I still can believe y’all follow Dru Hicks. Sick.

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  4. Wow as a person in recovery someone sent me a link to this…and I am blown away. I truly thought that once you got clean and sober you were supposed to be grateful and give back. Things of that nature. This has completely threw me for a loop I wouldn’t know who to believe,who to trust, I wouldn’t want to trust to talk or have any of you help me or anyone I know… You all sound exactly the same your for each other one minute,then against each other the next? Is that what recovery is ABOUT? Not for me,but if that’s what works for y’all. Entirely too much drama for me! I caused enough of my own drama I need help, support, guidance ECT… I think a lot of you all need to refelect, and clean your own side first….but that’s just what I got out of a few readings so that should speak volumes right there sadly. Best wishes to all.

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    1. This is my mission statement:
      To bring education and awareness to the on-line recovery community regarding the rogue Treatment Center Industry and their unscrupulous marketers/body brokers/bad players with the hope that one less vulnerable human being will be victimized.


    2. The problem is people feed into their egos for they sound very good but live a lie. Sad new recovering lonely gullable women think that soory ass Dru Hicks is so great. Well one day their worl will come tumbling down and hope they don’t die .

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  5. The problem is people feed into their egos for they sound very good but live a lie. Sad new recovering lonely gullable women think that soory ass Dru Hicks is so great. Well one day their worl will come tumbling down and hope they don’t die .

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