DRU HICKS and CHRIS FERRY: Fact or fiction.

Dru is doing everything a body broker does on his lives…if you’ve noticed.

Although Dru was supposedly fired by Chris Ferry due to his sexual predatory behaviors he was also one of Chris Ferry’s best body brokers. He was consistently putting a good number of heads in the Boca Recovery Center beds. In fact, he put Rich Walters’ numbers to shame.

“I have friends who talk to Dru and one told me she was on a call with him and he said hey Chris Ferry is calling me I will call you back. She said when he called back. He said always answer when the boss calls 🤷‍♀️.” ANONYMOUS

Granted, this is a hypothetical, however I have wondered for quite some time if Chris Ferry and Dru Hicks made a very covert deal. The “deal” being that Dru would continue to broker for Chris, but the agreement included that Dru would NEVER EVER reveal that he is still working for Chris. I certainly wouldn’t put it past either of them as honesty and transparency are strangers to both of them. Ego and money are their very closest friends.

Give it some thought and let me what YOU think.

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