When body brokers come calling…..

After chasing my son around lord knows where for about 4 years, I came to find I had a knack for it. Finding people and finding out who the bad players were. Especially when my son went legitimately missing for months. I left no stone unturned. Plus, I had learned so much about so many of the dirty players… I just had all this anger, knowledge and pent-up energy. I decided I wanted to positively focus it into taking some of these guys down. I would say I’ve been helping David for about a year now. Been admin for about five months. My family’s been helping with the Compass case for a few years. So, yeah here I am… another pissed off person hell bent on making some kind of changes and shouting from the rooftops. Not do much on my personal profile, but I’m pretty noisy everywhere else. Maybe one day on my profile too. We shall see 🙂

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