Well, here I am in FB jail for the next 7 days.

Works for me. I could use a little down time for self care, research, and investigating.

This afternoon I spoke with Delegate Kelly with The West Virginia House of Delegates. Apparently they’re in the process of passing Bills that will assist in cleaning up the rogue Treatment Center Industry that has set-up housekeeping in West Virginia. No surprise that Parkersburg has captured their interest. At this point I shall not give names and places. I let Delegate Kelly know that I am always available to share some education and awareness with his constituents as well as with law enforcement.

It’s 70 degrees and sunny. Caught me some of that along with some fresh air in my own backyard. Shared some time with Baby 🐷. She brings me such peace and joy.

I can’t share my website blogs to FB while incarcerated. So, if I feel moved to post anything you can find it here.

Friends and Crusaders please accept my apologies for not having the ability to “like” and comment on FB for the next 7 days. FB claims there was nudity on my page. Really?! I was also charged with “harassment”. Only one post was taken down by FB on my page giving me a pretty good idea as to who did the reporting. This individual summarily blocked me, too.

Best regards to Henry Adkins with Powerhouse Recovery in Muncie Indiana! I see a mighty 🔥 called a “crash and burn” on the horizon.

Until such time, be of good courage and KFTGF! XO ME ❤️💥❤️💥❤️

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