Meet Jordan Layfield…one of the many lives Kathy Koenigsdorf saved! How many guys DO you mentor? You’re doing amazing work, KATHY.

The following are comments left by “Jordan Layfield” on my FB page.

Steven Szopinski get off my profile, you creepy boomer stalker.

Like dude do any of you have anything better to do in old age but to make up conspiracy theories about people who do better things than you, and treat others better than you do?”

Carol Terwilliger don’t take my inventory.

You both seem like miserable lo$ers, and you know what they say about misery.

I promise I’m much more recovered and mentally stable than your daughter.

Since you want to throw stones with your snide, sideways comments.

Maybe that’s why you’re so hateful and spiteful. Because you have a daughter who can’t do it.

I haven’t been to rehab in 4 years. I have a job that pays me almost 6 figures. All thanks to Kathy.

Sorry that you’re so bitter, but focus on your daughter instead of your snide sideways comments about other people’s moral and spiritual inventories

Jordan Layfield is this the kind of well-rounded person she has helped mold you into?

Carol Terwilliger focus on your daughter 🤡🤡🤡 how many times has she been to treatment?

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