So many unanswered questions for The Owls Nest and Kathy Koenigsdorf.

I’m pretty sure that says: “Addiction Treatment Center”.

1. “We offer Partial Hospitalization…..delivered by passionate, experienced, and qualified professionals.” What kind of qualified professionals work with you? Do they have any formal education? Are they licensed? How do you define “professional”?

2. What qualifications do your admissions team have? Is your “intake process”, “streamlined to be completed in less than 30 minutes”, done by a licensed and qualified professional?

3. Is a licensed professional present at your group therapy? Does a licensed professional conduct the individual sessions? Who conducts your group therapy groups? Who conducts individualized sessions?

4. What kind of outpatient psychiatric services do your clients receive who are participating in your PHP?

5. What is “Clinical Treatment” for The Owls Nest? Do you have licensed clinicians/therapists? Do you have licensed registered nurses?

6. Who is your clinical staff? Are they licensed professionals?

7. What kind of “evidenced based” treatment do you provide?

8. How many scholarships per year do you, or non-profits, provide?

9. What is the cost for your program?

10. How much money is provided from a non-profit to cover expenses for your program for those without insurance?

11. Kathy Koenigsdorf with The Jake Koenigsdorf Non-profit provides many scholarships to your program. Why does she bring clients from other states to The Owls Nest in South Carolina? Kathy is from East Islip Long Island New York. Does she offer her scholarships to other facilities? If so, which ones? Why won’t Kathy say which treatment centers in Florida she refers to?

I would be more than happy to post your response and answers to these questions. These are legitimate questions. No response can be suggestive that you just might have something to hide.

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