KATHY KOENIGSDORF: When fools rush in for Kathy.

…..sorry your fundraiser was a flop.

Sental Rose went running after leaving her silly comment.

And then there’s this:

Debbie Rose-Barraco from Brooklyn New York…one of Kathy’s stomping grounds beside S.C.

Oh, and Denise Marie Berry from East Islip New York.

Selena Mae didn’t want to be left out. 😂
Kym chimes in again.

Let’s not leave out Denise Lombardo Manella

I want to thank ALL of Kathy’s minions, trolls, friends and supporters for making a feeble attempt at trying to clear your MOST ETHICAL name.

Which reminds me, are you EVER going to be honest and share where in Florida you send those kids you “scoop-up”?

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