Family Ties: James Sweasy, Amanda Willman aka Addict Chick, and Andrew Hager!

Oh how a picture says a thousand words.

And now we have Boca Recovery Center’s finest body broker, Andrew Hager, cozying up with James Sweasy with The Robert Alexander Center for Recovery in Kentucky, Evoke in Indiana, and Findlay Recovery Center in Ohio.

Addict Chick and James Sweasy are close friends with the fake and fraudulent “Dr.”Cali Estes. In fact, Sweasy hustles for the fake doctor and her sham called “The Addictions Academy”. Many a body broker have her “certificates” that are worth no more than the paper they’re printed on. How are things at Amethyst Addict Chic?

James Sweasy

James Sweasy

Damn Sweasy…you have your hands in many-a-pie!

Looks like that hub I put together not too long ago just got a little bigger. Oh the connections and interconnections are absolutely MASSIVE. Suffice to say, I’m not the only one who is aware.


  1. Jealous much? It’s a shame.
    He is helping people save their own life just like he did his own. What have you done?
    I find it easier to celebrate people’s progress. In return, I receive blessings I never expected.


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