Did you know that Rich Walters 13th Stepped 2 women?

He impregnated both women and both women died from overdoses.


Chelsea Jordan Clark. Mother of Luca.


Amber Nicole Blizzard. Mother of Ava. Rich and Amber both worked for White Oak Run Treatment Center together before the owner Brian Mylett went down on 35 counts of body brokering.
Amber Nicole Blizzard had not been buried 2 weeks when Rich publicly announced his relationship with Shay Dunn.

These AllStar Recovery Advocates visited Rich shortly before Amber overdosed and died. I’ll never understand why they didn’t join together and do an intervention for Amber.

A gathering of body brokers at the home of Rich Walters.


  1. Wow. I looked back on the video, and yes the love doves posted. It appeared to be a month after Amber’s death. Not my buisness, but I do know, “Ya can build a house on another Woman’s Tears”! I have lived long enough to witness such. I really thought Shay was real, her hubby, not so much.💔

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