Is TIM RYAN feeling the heat?

Tim Ryan has difficulty telling the truth as is evidenced in his post (below). Wouldn’t know a spiritual principle if it smacked him in the face. He has hurt and betrayed so very very many. He’s a real “look at me” kind of a guy. Humility is not in his vocabulary or actions.

Shouldn’t that money be going to your children?! 🤦🏼‍♀️. The Oaks of all places whom you body brokered with? Never mind The Herren Project.

He made 300K marketing for Transformations and then used money from his non-profit to pay the air fare for clients to the very treatment center he was working for.

At many a kid’s funeral he passed out his business card.

Some you may remember Tim’s betrayal of my own sister. With my sister’s permission it was made public. Remember Tim?

Some of you may remember when he exploited his former wife on social media for his own selfish purposes.

How many women did you have sexual relations with when you traveled and were still married to Kirsten? Your chauffeur/son knows.

Tim Ryan has been front and center on my FB page many times over many years.

In addition to being a selfish lying scumbag, he is a Narcissistic Sociopath.

Tim Ryan’s post strongly suggests to me that his past is finally catching up with him.

I shall not forget this live video when you explicitly said to ME: “Fuck you” with your middle finger.

Are you feeling the heat, Tim?! Because it sure does look like it to me and many others.

You and your “sober is sexy” wife will be making more headlines.

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