Chanda Lynn and Richie Webber: To be or not to be….

When you get right down to it who gives a rat’s ass?

We already know Richie is the embodiment of Narcissism. Consistently so FOS that I am forced to mask-up whenever I painstakingly sit through one of his videos with a emesis basin in hand just in case. A notorious body broker who has made 6 figures (Wavelengths/Warren Boyd) packing his ego and pockets off the backs of the still sick and suffering. The kind of “love” Richie claims to have for Chanda would be any easy pass for anyone with any sensibility. Richie is a lost puppy begging for any bone to be thrown at him. He really is downright pathetic, but no less dangerous.

Richie’s talk about making a documentary and opening a rehab is nothing more than sheer nonsense. How many times has he boasted about big projects coming his way that quietly disappeared into the darkness of the past and no one seemed to even notice?

Chanda Lynn just might conquer her self-proclaimed schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, multiple personalities, suicidal ideation, depression and anxiety if she would find the courage to walk away from her idiot boyfriend. She’s a relapse waiting to happen. RUN CHANDA RUN! I’ll refrain from making comment about your singing career.

Don’t believe their lies. Like the one where they deny fornication while Chanda was still married and Richie was taking advantage of some prior female lover. Come on now, we all know that’s a crock of shit. Just ask Johnny.

So here we are. Richie and Chanda sharing the absurdities of a relationship that really never was on a “live” video. Just one more weak performance on both their parts. I mean, look at them. Richie’s tongue hanging out and drooling all over himself, talking over Chanda (total lack of respect), pushing his bullshit as any healthy fraud would do. And there’s Chanda trying her best to hide her true thoughts: “This guy is about as unappealing to me as any man could possibly be”. Just look at her broken face. Not to mention Joe Nester makes her heart skip a beat. I’d venture to guess that their sex life sucks more now than it ever has.

Thankfully the kool-aid drinkers appear to be waking from their slumber and rubbing their eyes just enough to glance some truth.

I just don’t see a happy ending for either Richie or Chanda. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. Surely this shit show can’t go on forever.

Meanwhile take cover and stay safe.

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