RICH WALTERS, MICHAEL LAXTON AND KARL LAZAR…I may as well just come out and say it.


Rich Walters body brokers for Palm Beach Recovery Center. The WPB Sober Home Task Force is aware. Rich works alongside Michael Laxton (aka Mike Christy). Rich and Mike go all the way back to Reliance and White Oak Run working for Brian Mylett.

Michael Laxton’s wife is the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) with Grace Recovery and Wellness Center in Anderson Indiana with Karl Lazar.

Rich Walters, Michael Laxton, and Karl Lazar like to share clients back and forth.

(L-R). Colicchie, Michael Laxton (aka Mike Christy) and Rich Walters

Rich and Shay Walters continue to pollute Parkersburg West Virginia. What a perfect fishing hole for finding clients. Rich continues to cozy up with Rocky Meadows in Huntington WV.

RICH WALTERS hangs around Harmony Ridge Recovery Center in Waverly WV. Just a few short miles from Parkersburg WV.


Michael Sedjo is a body broker for Harmony Ridge Treatment Center.

This only begins to scratch the surface. These guys are part of a bigger hub.

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