To ALL friends and family of Dru Hicks.

hi carol,
i remember watching dru’s lives with you a year or more back~ i’m an old lady,60-ish….loved his story and positivity ~
as he never mentioned a spouse or partner, i thought he was a single dad raising his daughters….i sent gifts to the girls, just extra things thinking they had only his mom and not knowing her financial situation~ backstory: my son lived in Warsaw Indiana for six months while interning for Zimmer~ bio-mechanical engineering…i am from a very small border town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula….drugs and alcohol addiction are common~ I felt a little kinship with Dru, knowing the town of Warsaw being rural and poor….as was mine, many of my hometown friends could be/have been Dru…. until the sexual predator part appeared 😣 ~ i stepped away from watching him.
the other night i was tired, went to bed early and just for kicks checked FB and caught Dru’s live about you, i remembered your name.
and what he was saying just didn’t jive with the you i remembered ~ i rewatched it to check his body language and interpersonal behavior with Erin(who i just found out existed a couple of days ago) ~ that woman is being abused and manipulated in front of the world in this online «recovery community »
it has taken me a couple of days to find you, your WordPress account and to digest all of this.
That i, a well educated, socially astute, professional person who’s pursuits included working with Addicts and vocational rehabilitation (auditory neurocognition is my gig)…that i was taken in by, used by, lied to just blows my ever loving mind….smh
even when i participated on a daily basis there was that « not quite right » feel…that i didn’t listen to.
never would have believed that he was this bad
thank you for your pursuit of honesty and integrity ~
much respect and appreciation

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