What it’s like to be in a questionable treatment center. Count all the red flags.

Hi, Carol. I’ve been at a treatment center since monday. And I’m just currious on your thoughts about this palce. I came here and they diagnosed me with adhd and put on 3 different meds, I didn’t react well and and they are taking a very a very coersive approach to my resfusing the medication, the nurse is sayiing things like I likely won’t be able to stay sober if I’m not medicated (I was sober for 18 month with no medications before coming here, and my relapse lasted for about 2 days) The nurse made another appointment for me with the psychiatrist in which she said their doctor more or less will take a more aggressive approach in trying to convince me to take these medications. I also asked if I could make an appointment wiith my own doctor to get her input, they said yes but attempted to undermine her input by telling me to take what she says with a grain of salt because phsychitry isn’t her specialty. Also, everyone I’ve directly asked, about 20 of the 50 patients here are highly medicated taking between 3-6 different medications, and not a single person ive asked isn’t on at least 3 meds. Is this normal? I’ve only been to one other treatment, and they deffinitely weren’t pushing meds like this. Also they have a residential iop that send almost everyone too, and people are frequently being sent back to inpatient after being after being at their residential iop for a couple weeks. I’m veiwing a lot of this here as red flags. That along schedualed programing running about half the amount of tiime it is supposed to be. I know you know your stuff, and am just hoping top gain some perspective on this place. Thank you, much love.

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