Dru was looking at 50-60 years as an already convicted felon, but he walked. He snitched. From there he went on to be an on-line sexual predator for the next 4 years of his so-called recovery. He was fired from Boca Recovery Center and Profound Treatment Center due to being a sexual predator. Dru claims he “walked away from the industry”. That’s a lie.

How do you flaunt yourself all over Social Media celebrating 5 years of recovery when 4 of those years you sexually preyed on vulnerable women who were still suffering with SUD or were new to recovery? Dru Hicks, you are despicable. Your ego continues to run riot.

Dru made a video, which he has now taken down, calling ME out. He and Erin claimed that I am a fake profile named Ashley White. I have never ever made a fake profile because I value my integrity. He said the most despicable and horrendous things about me. All LIES! Erin sat there making smirky-smug faces convinced that I am Ashley White and claiming they had uncovered this months before. These two are a couple of truly sick people.

When will DRU HICKS be held accountable? What is wrong with those 250K followers of his? Dru continues to hurt people with his cult-like-ego-driven-bullshit platform. He has repeated over and over again that he will never stop. I am of the belief that Dru’s massive-hard-as-steel ego will ultimately destroy him. Meanwhile he continues to head down a very slippery slope of his own doing.


  1. Does anyone else think Dru looks high on opiates? I was raised by a heroin addict and have been around it my entire life, I consider myself somewhat of an expert at being able to tell if someone is on opiates and I started noticing that about Dru. My radar went off and I googled him and found all this stuff. Has anyone noticed that about him? It’s in his eyes and the way he talks. His eyes look murky and pupils pinned, like how everyone looks on opioids. I don’t know, I just wanted to see if anyone else noticed that. Do you think he’s actually clean or is he lying?


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