It has come to my attention that M2 The Rock is going to specifically announce, after over a year of receiving messages and pictures from women in early sobriety, the names of 2 men who were guests on his show who use their Social Media platforms as “Recovery Advocates” as an opportunity to sexually take advantage of women who are new to recovery. This issue has really struck a cord with Michael.

Michael Molthan is an exemplary example of what genuine recovery looks like. Michael walks the walk as evidenced by his integrity, honesty, consistency, detailed, precise and prepared presentations wherever they are being delivered.

Michael Molthan is followed and supported by powerful people who exemplify outstanding leadership and firmly stand behind him.

I am beyond excited to know that Michael Molthan/M2 The Rock is going to “call out” these 2 men to protect women new to recovery! What a privilege it will be to see how Michael will handle this situation to show everyone how to deal with sick predators who are using recovery as a means to take advantage of women.

You do not want to miss Michael’s courageous voice as he speaks regarding this issue!

I am not at liberty to say more at this time, but I can assure you that so much more will be revealed.

I love and respect Michael more than any words could say.

I am but one small pebble in the pond, but now the ripple effect is coming to light and all our hard work is paying off. WOW!!!

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