Always out to make a buck off the backs of those with SUD and mental health issues.

What a clever tool for their business of body brokering in the rogue Treatment Center Industry. It’s the perfect little pond to conveniently fish for PPO’s.

They do “assessments”. Does that person have the qualifications and credentials to perform such duties?

Does ANYONE working with Peer Solutions have ANY qualifications or valid credentials?

How much clean/sober time is required to work for Peer Solutions?

I wonder who their investor is! 😂

Rich and Shay Walters have gaslighted the City of Parkersburg WV over many years from law enforcement to politicians to the courts and perhaps most importantly the public and recovery community. Apparently the corruption runs quite deep over there in Parkersburg.

Never forget who Rich Walters has body brokered for:

And then there was Boca Recovery Center where he was terminated due to having only put 12-15 heads in their beds over an 11 month period of time.


  1. You can access West Virginia business licenses on the states website. Per an article on WTAPnews- Walters states “ he and Shay founded peer solutions with Shay’s sister Meranda Murphy”. It’s odd that neither Richards name or Shays is on the business license. The address listed for shay’s sister is also one linked to a Richard Walters at one point. There are also judges sentencing people convicted of drug crimes in wood county to counseling at Peer Solutions.

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    1. Miranda…thank you for your very informative comment. It is greatly appreciated! Peer Solutions and Drug Court are just a couple of their fishing holes.
      I’m doing some work behind the scenes to assist in educating and bringing awareness to Parkersburg. I have seen a video of last week’s City Council meeting. The moratorium will give “us” the opportunity and time to get this matter taken care.
      Rich and Shay have taken over Parkersburg. NO MORE!!!


  2. I actually work at Peer Solutions, I will say this —

    Yes, we have valid qualifications, certifications and credentials. We are state licensed as Peer Supporters and have to take PRSS certifications prior to even being hired. As far as clean time goes , I can’t speak on that. I do know since I’ve worked at Peer Solutions we have only lost one individual to relapse.


  3. I’ve worked with Rich and Shay for years. They help our community and those in it. I know several people that are alive today BECAUSE OF RICH AND SHAY. I think someone is just projecting their frustrations for whatever reason, you sound ignorant. IF they were a part of the patient brokering Rich would be in jail with the others. Also WE in the recovery community believe in second chances no matter what you have done. So grow up, and know what your talking about. Oh and Gaslighting 😂🤣😂🤣 please! How can you gaslight someone when they are asking for help and get it 🤷🏼‍♀️ This site is slander and I’ll be sure to share it with them and their police friends.


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