St. Joseph Recovery Center Parkersburg West Virginia

St. Joseph Recovery Center has found a way to get more out of a client’s insurance and it looks pretty slimy to me.

As reported to me by a client who received services at St. Joseph Recovery Center:

The client was one week away from completing the program and receiving a certificate of completion.

The client has a long documented history of migraine headaches. The client was experiencing a migraine one day and wasn’t feeling up to attending a group meeting. The nurse on duty stated that she would not approve her missing the group meeting due to her migraine headache. The client did not attend the group meeting and was consequently given a “write-up”. This was her first and only write-up while in the program. This write-up meant that she would not receive a certificate of completion for the program in one week. Furthermore, in order to receive a certificate of completion, she would have to stay for an additional two weeks. In many instances a certificate of completion is necessary in the event of a court case and/or CPS case.

I am of the opinion that St. Joseph Recovery Center has found a way to unethically (if not criminally) bleed-out a client’s insurance. Looks like profiteering to me.

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