“Dr.” Cali Estes and Chanda Lynn: This takes the cake! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Ep024: Chanda Lynn – Poet and Activist with a Powerful Message of Recovery

The fake and fraudulent “Dr.” Cali Estes* joins the fake and fraudulent Chanda Lynn in their latest fake and fraudulent profiteering scheme to prosper off the backs of the most vulnerable human beings with SUD and mental health issues.

* “Dr.” Cali Estes is NOT a “doctor”! Her “PhD” came from an on-line bullshit “University” for $500.00. She could NOT be licensed anywhere in the United States. Cali’s “The Addictions Academy” is a full-blown scam. Many of the on-line marketers/body brokers hold Cali’s certificates which are worth no more than the paper they are printed on.

Chanda Lynn has one of these worthless pieces of paper, too.

James Sweasy worked for the fraudulent “Dr.” Cali Estes as a promoter of “The Addictions Academy”.
Chanda Lynn
“Dr.” Cali Estes
“Dr.” Cali Estes

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